Posting Dividends to a Single Account

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Demand Dividend Processing


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This screen appears when “Post Dividends to a Single Account” is selected in the Close Account Processing run sequence.

This is the first of three screens used to pay dividends earned by a specific account number and suffix (not an entire membership). This is commonly used when an account is being closed. However, it can also be used when a member wishes a dividend be paid separately from the normal dividend procedure. Credit union policy will dictate whether this procedure is allowed or not.

  • This screen should not be used when redeeming a certificate; rather, it can be used to force the payment of a certificate dividend at a time period not normally recognized by the certificate type. This procedure leaves the CD open after the dividend is paid.

Choose which type of account from which the dividend is being collected by selecting from “Share Accounts” (S) for all share type accounts, or “Certificates” (C) for certificate accounts. Use Enter to continue to the next screen.