Updating Member or Account Information

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Membership Maintenance/Account Maintenance/Update Trans Description


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Access this screen by selecting Tool 15: Update Membership Information (Shortcut: umbr), Tool 20: Update Account Information (Shortcut: acct), or Tool #918: Update Transaction Desc & IRA/HSA Post Codes (Shortcut: desc).

Screen Overview

This initial screen is a starting point for updating either membership information (name, address, etc.) or account information for any of a member's savings, checking, certificate, or loan accounts.

You can enter the member's account number or the SSN/TIN for a member, then use Enter to proceed to the next screen:

Access Your Most Previously-Used Accounts

If you want to access a membership you used recently, enter your employee ID and password, then click the lookup next to the Account # field. The Your Most Recent Accounts Accessed pop-up window will appear.





Global Search (F11)

Use this to display the Global Search screen and look up a member or non-member record, or see all of the relationships a person has with your credit union (joint owners, IRA beneficiary, co-borrower, etc.). (Not available through all access points.)

Blocked Person (F17)

Use this to view a view-only version of all of the names in your credit union's configured Blocked Persons/Fraud Alert list.  (Not available through all access points.)