Working Daily ACH Exceptions

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Work with Daily ACH Exceptions



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #983: Work Daily ACH Exceptions.

Check out the video related to this topic: Creating an NOC (More videos below!)

Helpful Resources

Learn how to complete tasks related to ACH distributions/records.

ACH Exception Handling: Overview and ACH Transaction Codes

ACH Return / NOC Codes and Common ACH Exceptions

Learn more about the handling of International ACH items that appear on this screen.  NOTE:  All IAT addendum items are run through an OFAC scan.  Only IAT exceptions, including IATs that fail an OFAC scan, appear on this screen.

Screen Overview

This screen is used to handle ACH items that could not post to member accounts for one reason or another, such as when CU*BASE could not find a member record to match the incoming ACH item. This screen should be monitored on a daily basis to generate any necessary return or notification of change (NOC) records to be transmitted back through the ACH system.

To view Return or NOC items already generated or to add a new Return or NOC record manually, use Return/NOC Maint (F10). The ACH Returns/NOCs Maintenance screen will appear.  Then use Add Return (F5) or Add NOC (F6) on that screen.

Pre-notes that have invalid account numbers will also be included in this list, and will be colored in yellow to indicate they are zero-dollar transactions, like this:


Options on this Screen


To view the details of a Stop Pay item, select the item on the list and use Stop Pay Comments to move to the Stop Pay Comments screen. (This option will only be active if the Code is 08.) Use this option to view the Stop Pay information entered when the Stop Pay was made, including check number, check amount, company name and comments.

For stop payment suspects, verify the stop payment comments to determine if the transaction should be returned or re-posted.  For suspect stop payments, the Post option will allow the item to be posted after a decision is made.  Stop payment hits will NOT be allowed to post through the Post option unless the stop payment record is removed from the member’s account.


To delete an exception item without returning it, select the item in the list and then Delete. (You may delete a group of records at the same time by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on additional items, then clicking Delete.) A window showing details about the item will appear as confirmation; use Delete (F16) to confirm the deletion.


To view or maintain the ACH Distribution record for any item, select an item in the list and then Distribution Maintenance to display the CU*BASE master ACH Distribution record for that item. If none is found, the master ACH Company record will appear so that a distribution record can be added manually. If no matching company is found, the main ACH inquiry screen will appear to allow for further research.


To return an item, select the item in the list and then Return. (You may generate a batch of returns at the same time by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on additional items, then clicking Return.) The ACH Return Entry screen will appear next. Simply enter a return code for that item, use Enter to save, then the back arrow to return to this screen or proceed to the next item that was marked.


To make an account adjustment, select the item in the exception list and then Account Adjustment to access the Member Account Adjustment feature. Remember to update the secondary description with the Company Entry Description.


To run an OFAC Scan on an International ACH Exception (IAT) item, select the item and then OFAC Scan. If an account is not associated with the item, a warning will appear since an account is needed to record the Audit Tracker created for each addendum item. If an account is associated, you will begin the scanning process and move to the Individual OFAC scan screen. Use Organizational Acct (F9) to move to the Organizational scan screen. The final screen will list the results of the scan.  More about International ACH Transactions


To generate a Notification of Change for an item, select the item in the list and then NOC. (You may generate a batch of NOCs at the same time by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on additional items, then clicking NOC.) The ACH NOC Entry screen will appear next. Simply enter a change code and complete one or more of the change fields, use Enter to save, then F3-Backup to return to this screen so you can proceed to post or return this item.


To access Member Inquiry and perform any needed research into member names and account numbers, select an item in the list and then Inquiry.


To post an item, select and item from the listing and then Post.

The Post option will post an item only if there are funds available (will perform ODP transfers and use ANR limits as usual, if applicable). Please note that ANR fees will not be charged if you use this option. If you desire to charge an ANR fee, you will have to charge it using account adjustment.  If you desire to bring an account negative below the negative balance limit for some reason, the item would still need to be posted manually through an account adjustment, unless you are using the negative balance override feature (described in the next paragraph).  Remember that if posting via an account adjustment, the additional transaction description would still need to be added manually to the transaction for proper Reg E disclosure on statements.   Refer to this topic for information on changing the transaction description.

If you select multiple items from the Exceptions listing, CU*BASE will post them one at a time, working from the top item to the bottom item on the list. (For this reason, you may choose to run your credits first and your debits second since a member may receive an incoming transaction that will provide funds for an outgoing one.) If the item still can’t post for some reason, it will reappear on the Exceptions list.


No receipts will print if you use this option, but you can verify that you are in balance using the General Transactions Register Report. Refer to this screen for the way that you need to stage your screen to verify your results.

Handling IAT Transactions (International ACH Transactions)

Only International ACH Transactions that could not be processed appear on the ACH Exceptions Listing screen. They will be noted with an "Y" in the "I" column.  The result of the OFAC scan are listed in the "O" column (P=Pass, F=Failed, and O=Overridden).  IATs that pass an OFAC scan and can be posted are posted with when ACH postings are posted.  




Trans Override (F2)

If teller overrides for ACH is activated in Teller Workflow Controls, you may use the Transaction Override button to perform a one-time transaction that takes the account negative. This override feature only applies to ACH repost and not the initial posting.  Click the Trans Override button to access the Override screen.  Enter the account then perform the repost.  


This feature will only take the account negative up to the amount allowed by the configuration on the Teller Workflow Controls. The employee performing the override must have "Teller Override" checked in Employee Security: Special Security. While this feature takes into account secured funds, it does not consider negative balance limits.  Additionally this override does not reverse any fees associated with the transaction.  All override transactions are listed on the Transaction Override Report.

Return/NOC Maint (F10)

Use this to display the initial ACH Returns / NOCs Maintenance screen to view, modify or delete return and NOC records already generated.

Disp Member Name (F11)

Use this to view alternate view containing the Member Name instead of the ACH Name.

Print (F14)

Use this to print a report showing all of the exceptions on this screen, grouped and sub-totaled by effective post date.

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