ACH Return and NOC Maintenance

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ACH Returns / NOCs Maintenance


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This screen will appear when you use "Return/NOC Maint" (F10) on the main ACH Exceptions screen.

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Helpful Resources

ACH Exception Handling: Overview

Learn how to find a return when ACH returns are off.

For Social Security Administration (SSA) ACH items refer to this AnswerBook item and associated AnswerBook items: I see that all ACH Company IDs associated with the Social Security Administration (SSA) are now converted to a “Primary ID.” When did the change happen and where can I find the incoming Company ID I use to make a return or NOC?

Screen Overview

This is the first of several screens used to view or modify ACH Return and Notification Of Change requests. These requests may have been created via the ACH Exception Handling system or they can be created manually using this screen.

This screen displays all Return or NOC records, created either using the ACH Exceptions screen or manually here. Notice that items that have a date in the Processed column cannot be changed or deleted, but can be viewed. For items already created but not yet processed, you may use Change to edit or delete the record. (Use View (5) to display the record without changing anything).

In addition, this screen can be used to manually create a Return or NOC request. For domestic transactions use Add Return (F5) or Add NOC (F6) to create a new record.

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