Editing ACH Returns

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ACH Return Entry


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This screen will appear when you add or edit a return record on the ACH Returns/NOCs Maintenance screen.

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Helpful Resources

For Social Security Administration (SSA) ACH items refer to this AnswerBook item and associated AnswerBook items: I see that all ACH Company IDs associated with the Social Security Administration (SSA) are now converted to a “Primary ID.” When did the change happen and where can I find the incoming Company ID I use to make a return or NOC?

Screen Overview

This screen allows you to add or maintain an ACH Return record.

The screen will have a slightly different layout if returning an item with a Standard Entry Class code of POP. These items require Terminal City and State codes and a Check Serial # in order to be returned (these fields will be filled in for you from the original ACH item).

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Common ACH Exceptions




Delete (F4)

To delete this entire record. This is available only when using the Change option (2) to edit an existing record that has not yet been processed.

  • IMPORTANT: Deleting a Return or NOC here WILL NOT return the exception to the original ACH Exceptions list.

Save/New Item (F10)

(Appears when adding new items manually.) To save the current item and allow a new record to be entered manually for the same company. All fields except for the following will be cleared, ready for the next item:

Routing # Report Run Date
Company Name Company ID
Comp Discr Data Comp Desc Date
Std Entry Class Comp Entry Desc
Eff. Entry Date

Save/New Company (F11)

(Appears when adding new items manually.) To save the current item and allow a new record to be entered manually for a different company. All fields except Routing # will be cleared, ready for a new item.

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