Name & Address Maintenance

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Address, DBA, & Other Maintenance


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This screen appears when you use Name/Address (F14) on the main Member Inquiry or Phone Operator screen.

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Helpful Resources

Learn how to complete tasks related to changing a member’s personal information.

Learn how to remove a member from third-party mailings and complete other tasks related to member communication.

Communication with Members

How do I format a military address?

Screen Overview

This screen is used to view and update information about the member's name and address. There are a few differences between maintaining an individual account and maintaining an organization account. When done making changes, use Enter to save and return to the Account Type screen.

Some of these fields may not appear based on your privacy configurations.

Integration between CU*BASE and your imaging solution

This screen has a link to your imaging solution to further integrate with CU*BASE.  The “Scan e-Document” button is used for scanning a document into your imaging solution. 

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Address Info

Use this tab to update general address information for the member.


For an Individual account, enter the member's full name in the three individual fields (First, Middle Initial, Last). For an organization, enter the full organization name.

DBA name

Use this field to record a DBA (doing business as) name for this membership, if applicable. This DBA will appear on certain written communications if configured to show on the Membership Configuration detail screen.

Name ID

This 2-character name ID field is used to confirm the member's account number when performing inquiries and transactions. This varies by credit union, but is usually the first two letters of the member's last name.

Emp #

An optional employee identification number, such as a time card number.

Wrong address

Indicates whether or not the current address is correct or not. If you know the address is incorrect, but are unable to obtain the correct address, place a checkmark in this field.

  • If this field is checked for a wrong address, the address will be highlighted on member inquiry screens as a flag to alert anyone having contact with that member.

If this checkbox is checked and a change is made to the Address, City, State or Zip fields, the checkbox will automatically be unchecked when you leave this screen.

Foreign address

Check this flag if the address entered for this member is NOT a U.S. address. (Remember that Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are considered U.S. addresses.)  

Do not check this box if you are entering a military address.  How do I format a military address?

  • BE CAREFUL: When this is checked, the following fields will be cleared and disabled: State, ZIP Code and County. Field labels for the remaining address fields will also change to make it clear where the foreign city and country information should be entered.

SEE ALSO: CU*BASE Standards for Foreign Addresses

Certify address

This box should be checked if the member's address should be included in your credit union's normal CASS certification process for statement and other mailings. De-select this option only in rare cases where this member's address cannot be reconciled with the postal requirements.

Current Address

The address fields on the left edge of the screen are for the member's current address. As shown in blue text below, the field names will be different if this member is marked as having a foreign address.

Address #1

Enter the street address, such as 1234 MAIN ST SE.

  • NOTE: To match the technique used by CASS Certification, if the member has an apartment or suite number, include both the street address AND the apt/suite number in Address #1 if it will fit. Otherwise, enter the apt/suite number into Address #1 and use Address #2 for the street address.

(For a foreign address, you will also need to include both the street address and any apartment or suite number in this field.)

Address #2

Use this for the member's street address if a suite or apartment number has been entered into the Address #1 field. Otherwise leave the field blank.

(For a foreign address, use this field for the city name, province abbreviation, and postal code, such as LONDON W1P6HQ or MONTREAL QC H3Z 2Y7.)


Enter the city name.

(For a foreign address, use this field for the country name, such as ENGLAND or CANADA.)


Enter the 2-character state abbreviation. This field is not available for foreign addresses.

  • Remember that Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are to be treated exactly like a US address in CU*BASE: the foreign address flag should not be checked, and the state field should be used as usual to enter the state code PR or VI.


Enter the ZIP Code. This field is not available for foreign addresses.

  • Remember that if your credit union uses CASS certification, you will not be able to edit the ZIP+4 field. Enter the 5-digit ZIP code only and the CASS certification process will complete the ZIP+4 field.


Enter the county name.


Enter the date on which the member moved into the current address.


Place an check mark in one of these two fields to indicate whether the member owns or rents the home at the current address.

Landlord Phone

If the Rent field was marked, use these fields to list the landlord's name and phone number.

Previous Address

The address fields on the left side of the screen are for the member's previous address information. These may be entered manually, or moved from the “Current Address” fields using Move Current to Previous button.

  • NOTE: If the member previously lived at a foreign address, the field labels will not exactly reflect the field contents, since there is no foreign address flag on the previous address, like there is for the current address. SEE ALSO: CU*BASE Standards for Foreign Addresses

General last maintained on

The last date on which general maintenance was performed on this membership.

  • This is different from the Addr Maint by Emp ID field described below, because this field records when changes are made to data other than the member's address.

Address maintained by
employee ID

If any changes are made to the address information for this member, the system will automatically record the date on which the changes were made, and the employee ID of the person who made the changes.




Alternate Address (F9)

To view and/or update an alternate or secondary/street address for this member.

  •  HINT: The notation “Alt. Addr.” or “2nd Addr” will appear highlighted on Inquiry, Phone Operator, and Teller Posting screens if an alternate or secondary address has been recorded for this member.

Greeting (G10)

(Appears on the Individual maintenance screen only.) Use this to choose a master greeting (salutation) for this member, as well as a greeting to be used when directing mailings to the entire household.

Print Forms (F24)

Use this to access the Miscellaneous Member Account Forms screen where you can print a form to send to a member.

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