Recording a "Master Greeting" for Member Communications

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Master Greeting


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This screen will appear automatically when opening a new membership, if activated in your credit union's Workflow Controls. It can also be accessed later via the F10-Greeting feature on the final membership information screen.

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Screen Overview

The Master Greetings screen lets you choose a preferred greeting to be used whenever personalized letters are sent to this member. For example, you could use a more formal or specific greeting such as “Dear Ms. Jones” or “Dear Dr. Smith.”

When creating a membership, you can choose the preferred greeting to be used whenever personalized letters are sent to the member. In addition, you may also choose a standard greeting to be used when a mailing is addressed to the entire household, rather than to the individual member.

IMPORTANT: The greeting title (stored in the MSGRT field in your credit union's MASTER file) will be available when printing personalized letters by downloading data to an external program such as Microsoft Excel or Word. It is not used by other print systems such as statements, notices or reports.

When done, use Enter to record the changes and return to the address maintenance screen.

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