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Master Alternate Address Maintenance


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This screen appears when you use Alternate Address (F9) on the Miscellaneous Membership Information update screen or Name & Address Maintenance screen for either an individual or organization.

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Helpful Resources

CU*BASE Standards for Foreign Addresses

Screen Overview

This screen provides a way to set up an Alternate Mailing Address for a member, to be used for special mailing needs. For example, if your member lives at another address for part of the year or simply wishes to receive statements and other mailings at another address (such as a work address), use this screen to set up the alternate address, indicating the dates during which this address should be used.

It can also be used to record a Secondary/Street Address, for cases where the main mailing address on the MASTER record is a PO box, but you would like to record a street address for use in collections efforts or other needs.

Important Considerations

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Address type

Choose one of the following to indicate which type of address is being recorded:

Alternate mailing address (A) – a temporary mailing address to be used in place of the regular address recorded on the MASTER record, during the period of time indicated by the Date Range.

Secondary/street address (S) – an extra informational address for this member, in addition to the one stored on the MASTER record. The most common use would be for a street address when a member's main mailing address is a Post Office box.

Date Range

(For an Alternate address type ONLY.) These fields are used to indicate at what times of the year the alternate address should be used (e.g., for a member who moves to a summer home each year from the beginning of June to the end of August).


Enter the date on which mailings should begin going to the alternate address. Use the MMDDYYYY (4-digit year) format.

  • To use the same period every year, enter a valid month and day and use '9999' for the year (e.g., 05019999).


Enter the date on which mailings should resume going to the master address. Use the MMDDYYYY (4-digit year) format. If this address should be used indefinitely, enter “99999999” instead.

  • To use the same period every year, enter a valid month and day and use '9999' for the year (e.g., 08319999). Click “Permanent Retention” to use this address permanently (enters a date of 99999999).


Use this to enter the name that will appear on mailings sent to the alternate address. For individual accounts, there are three fields: Last, First and MI (middle initial). For organization accounts, only one Name field appears.

  • NOTE: This name will NOT be used when printing tax forms. To comply with IRS guidelines, the member's name from the MASTER record will always be used for tax reporting.

Use Switch to Org Acct (F9) to toggle back and forth between account types. You may use either screen, regardless of the type used for the master member information (e.g., if an individual member wants statements mailed to a company address).

Address Line 1

Address Line 2


Use these fields to enter the address to which the member wishes mailings to be sent during the document mailing period defined above.

  • NOTE: To match the technique used by CASS Certification, if the member has an apartment or suite number, include both the street address AND the apt/suite number in Address Line 1 if it will fit. Otherwise, enter the apt/suite number into Address Line 1 and use Address Line 2 for the street address.

Phone #

Use this to enter a contact phone number for when the member is at the alternate address.

  • NOTE: The alternate phone number listed here will NOT be sent in batch maintenance to card processors, and is for reference only.

Wrong address

Indicates whether the address listed is correct or not. If you know the address is incorrect, but are unable to obtain the correct address, place a checkmark in this field.

IMPORTANT: if this screen is used to correct a wrong address, make sure this flag is changed as well!

Foreign address

Check this flag if the address entered for this member is NOT a U.S. address. (Remember that Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are considered U.S. addresses.)

SEE ALSO: CU*BASE Standards for Foreign Addresses

Certify address

This box should be checked if the member's address should be included in your credit union's normal CASS certification process for statement and other mailings. De-select this option only in rare cases where this member's address cannot be reconciled with the postal requirements.




Switch to Org Acct (F9)

This will toggle back and forth between the individual and organization screen formats. The only difference between the screens is how the name field is configured. An individual account has a field for First, Middle and Last name. An organization account only has one large Name field.

Delete (F16)

Use this to delete all alternate address information from this member. Mailings will be sent to the master address.

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