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Member Statement Audit Details


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This screen shows more details for the statement record selected on the previous screen. You will be able to see specific details about the member's statement mail piece and how it was processed for this particular mailing. See below for a description of each field displayed. Data for this inquiry comes from file STMAUDIT which is updated on a monthly basis after statement processing is completed.

Remember that Sage Direct equipment allows for very precise monitoring of each individual mail piece as it is handled in the larger batch.

If your credit union doesn't currently use Sage Direct for statement processing, this is yet another reason to consider a switch. No other provider can give you this type of statistical information right from CU*BASE, and the systems used by Sage include state-of-the-art features to increase reliability and security, including two-dimensional bar coding. And remember that only Sage allows you to do targeted marketing through your monthly statements using CU*BASE Selective Statement Inserts features. Contact Gary Sage ( or talk with a CU*BASE sales representative today for more information!

When done, use Backup (F3) to exit.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Statement Type

S = Regular member statement only

M = Mixed credit card statement and regular member statement (included in same mailing)

C = Credit card statement only

D = Used when there is more than one credit card statement, generally used with credit unions where Sage only prints the credit card statement

Processing Information

Processed date

The date on which the statement was printed and processed by Sage Direct.

Dropped at post office

The date on which the batch of statements which included this one was dropped at the Post Office for mailing.

Page count

The total number of statement pages for this member.

Total sheets

The total number of physical sheets of paper that were fed from the input feeder for the mail piece.

Weight code

A code indicating the weight (used to calculate postage):

01 = 0 ounces up to and including 1 ounce (postage fees calculated at the 1 oz. level)

02 = greater than 1 ounce, up to and including 2 ounces (postage fees calculated at the 2 oz. level)

03 = greater than 2 ounces, up to and including 3 ounces (postage fees calculated at the 3 oz. level)

04 = greater than 3 ounces, up to and including 4 ounces (postage fees calculated at the 4 oz. level)

05 = greater than 4 ounces, up to and including 5 ounces (postage fees calculated at the 5 oz. level)

06 = greater than 5 ounces (postage fees calculated at the 6 oz. level)

Postage range low
Postage range high

Because the final cost of the mail piece depends on the total number of pieces mailed (for all credit unions), these fields provide the range of postage fees that were charged for mail pieces in this batch, once all applicable discounts were calculated.

Additional postage

Additional postage paid due to inserts: This shows any extra postage incurred because the weight of the inserts moved the mail piece into a higher weight group.

Insert Information

Regular insert count

This shows the total number of regular (not selective) inserts that were included in this member's statement envelope.

Selective insert count

This shows the total number of selective statement inserts that were included in this member's statement envelope.

Selective inserts

If the member received selective statement inserts with this mailing, this breakdown shows which inserts he or she received.

This insert number correlates to the descriptions you had entered on the Statement Insert/Mailing Instructions screen for that month's (or quarter's) statement run, via the Update Statement Message/Inserts feature.

ยท     NOTE: You can specify only 5 inserts in the statement instructions; item 6 shown here is used in rare situations to substitute for one of the other slots when an equipment problem causes the normal slot to be unusable for some reason.

Mailed To

Mailed To

This shows the member name and address that appeared on the printed statement.

Processing Information


A description of the mail piece disposition. Possible values are (bold items are the typical values):


Never Processed

Manually Rejected

Manually Repaired


On Inserter

Removed due to Jam

Removed by Operator



Exit location

The physical location where the mail piece left the inserter.

Vendor job#

The Sage job number for this month's mailing cycle.




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