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Member Statement Inquiry Option


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This window will appear after using Statements (F20) on the Member Inquiry or Phone Operator screen, if your credit union processes member statements with Sage Direct, Inc.

This window lets you decide whether you wish to proceed directly to view the member's statements in CU*Spy, or to view the statement audit inquiry feature showing details about paper statements that were mailed to the member.

The default is to view statements, so simply press Enter to proceed to CU*Spy.

To view the audit feature instead, choose Audit inquiry (or type A into the field) and press Enter to proceed to the Statement Audit Inquiry summary screen.

If your credit union doesn't currently use Sage Direct for statement processing, this is yet another reason to consider a switch. No other provider can give you this type of statistical information right from CU*BASE, and the systems used by Sage include state-of-the-art features to increase reliability and security, including two-dimensional bar coding. And remember that only Sage allows you to do targeted marketing through your monthly statements using CU*BASE Selective Statement Inserts features. Contact Gary Sage ( or talk with a CU*BASE sales representative today for more information!



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