Teller Activity by Day of Week

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Teller Activity by Day of Week


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #845: Teller Activity by Day of Week.

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How are the “Totals” calculated on each Teller Activity (by Day/Week/Month) dashboards?

What is the effect of having five Fridays in one month versus a month that has only four? Do rules of thumb for Mondays in February hold for Mondays in October? This is just one more view of how teller activity can be searched for trends, for how it matches your plans during scheduling, and how things might be altered by something as simple as the Friday before a holiday weekend.

The Mechanics

The summary screen displays transaction counts by day of the week, for the entire month and year selected at the top of the screen. Notice the Freq. column showing how many times each day was repeated during that particular month.

To view transactions for a single branch only, enter the number into the Branch field at the top of the screen (press Enter to refresh the screen). Use 00 to combine all branches together. This system uses the branch as recorded on the transaction record, meaning the teller branch where the transaction was posted.

The % column is calculated by dividing each day's transaction count by the total transactions for the entire month. (Percentages are rounded up to the nearest whole number.)

The Actual column under Total Trx is the number of actual transactions processed, and the Actual column under # of Members is the number of actual members represented by those transactions. (Obviously if a member does transactions at different times during the day, or at different branches, the same member would be included in more than one of the counts. The idea here to see the number of members that were served, regardless of who they were.) Avg. Daily Trx are calculated by dividing the total transactions by the number of times that day was repeated during the month (Freq.)



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