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How are the “Totals” calculated on each Teller Activity (by Day/Week/Month) dashboards?

The Teller Activity by Day, Week or Month dashboards are designed to evaluate trends of your branch; they are not designed to be used for exact reconciliation.  The “Totals” figure at the bottom of the screen calculates the unique members who made visits for that dashboard’s time period.  Refer to the examples below for further explanation of how this affects calculation.  

Example 1:  Comparing Teller Activity Time of Day Totals with Teller Activity Day of Week Totals

Let’s say Sally visited credit union branch 01 twice Monday (9am and 3pm).  Sally appears twice in the Branch 01 Monday Total on the Teller Activity by Day dashboard.  (She came twice during that day).   Sally is, however, only counted once (as one unique member) in the Branch 01 “Totals” for the associated “Teller Activity Day of Week” Total. 

Example 2:  Comparing Teller Activity Day of Week Total Figures Between Different Branches

Let’s look at this from another angle as to how this might affect the Totals of three different Teller Activity by Week dashboards.  Let’s say two members (Sally and John) visited Branch 01 on the Monday and only Sally visited Branch 02 on Tuesday of the same week.  The Total of the Teller Activity by Day of Week for Branch 01 includes 2 counts (Sally and John).  For Branch 02 only one member (Sally) is counted in the Total.  You cannot, however, add the totals of these two branches, to calculate the Total for the Activity by Day of Week for Branch 00.  For the Branch 00 Total, two unique members are counted (Sally and John).


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