Teller Activity by Trans Type

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Teller Activity by Trx Type


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #847: Teller Activity by Transaction Type.

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Introduction to Screen

What teller transactions are included in all of these analysis tools?

As you start tracking and talking with your teams about the throughput of your teller lines, one of the common discussions will be, “but tellers do more than what is being counted here!” This tool is designed to show what is being counted and the breakdown of how these activities are being processed by your tellers.

For organizations that use tellers for many tasks throughout the day, it's not as quick and dirty as this screen might imply. How many new accounts did the teller open? Did the teller have any back office responsibilities? Did the teller work with the Phone Operator software while answering the phone? It's a difficult task for CU*BASE to analyze these cross-departmental activities. But maybe there is something that should be added to this analysis to make it a more well-rounded view of your lobby activity.

Or maybe not. As credit unions grow, there is a greater degree of specialization by employees. Many credit unions have separated their call centers from lobby activity, and now focus more of their member service sales activity on Member Service or Financial Service Representatives. What is your plan? How can this tool help you understand the teller activity that CU*BASE is tracking as part of its general servicing of member accounts and the accounting of your teller drawers and vault activity?

The Mechanics

The summary screen shows transaction counts by audit key type, similar to the daily Teller Closing Transaction Audit Report (LTLAU2), except that this summarizes an entire month's activity for all tellers. (Remember that only transactions that hit the teller drawer are included in these counts.)


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