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Why Your Members Call


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #1315 Why Your Members Call from the CU*BASE home page.

This dashboard gives insight into who is calling your credit union, and why. The filters let you select which data you want to examine, as well as a summation of your calls. Want to know the reason members are calling? This dashboard is your data answer.  Answer questions such as, what groups of members are calling specifically for online banking questions? What are your members between the ages of 20-30 calling about? Why do people call on Tuesdays?

For call center and branch managers, this dashboard gives you understanding of your staff; which staffer takes the most calls? Which staffer has the highest call resolution? Who takes the longest on member calls? The wealth of data can help you build an all-star call center team.

Before Using This Dashboard

As an important note, in order to generate data in this dashboard, you must have Phone Op Wrap-up Codes turned on in Tool #267 Configure Phone Op Wrap-up Codes as well as the proper workflow controls in Tool #1005 Workflow Controls: Teller/Member Service setup. Not using wrap-up codes currently? Contact the Xtend or Client Services and Education team to create effective wrap-up codes to utilize the full benefit of this dashboard! Contact info@xtend.com for more information on how to get started.

Search Criteria

Once the search criteria is selected, press Enter to generate your specific dataset.

Search Field


Date Fields

Use the date fields to select a range of dates in which to view data.

Day of Week

This field helps narrow down to specific days of the week to further fine tune your data.

Time Fields

Using military time (HHMM), define the time periods for which to compile the data set.

Call Type

Select the call types to view in the data set. These call types are configured in the credit union wrap-up codes.

Primary Subject

Select the call subjects to view in the data set. These subjects are configured in the credit union wrap-up codes.

Member Branch

Select the specific branches you wish to view data for. This is based on member's configured branch.

Employee ID

Select the specific Emp IDs to view.

Mbr Designation

Select member designations.

Length of Membership

Enter a range of membership length.

Age Range

Enter an age range for the members to view.

Account Base

To view specific information for one membership, enter the account base. You can use any other combination of date and time filters, but use caution when combining account base with any other filtering information as you may not get results.


Select the gender in which to view.

Tier Level

Select the Tiered Services member level.

Members who Have or Do Not Have Shares/CDs/Loans

Select the radio button to include or exclude members with specific shares, CD types, or loans.



Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#IWRAP-05.htm