Call Type Configuration

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Call Type Configuration


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Access this screen by selecting "Configure call type" on the entry Phone Op Wrap Up Codes Configuration screen.

This entry screen lists your credit union call types for the Phone Op Wrap Up Code feature that are entered in the Phone Operator Wrap Up screen.  Additionally a Primary reason for call code may be needed to further explain what they did for the member.  (What is required is configured in the Teller/Member Workflow Controls.)

Use Add Code (F6) to add a new code or select a code and then Edit or View to access the call type detail.

Learn How One Credit Union in the Network is Configuring Call Types

Below is the configuration of one credit union in the network. This credit union elected to configure this according to the length of the call.  Click here to learn about the credit union's primary reason (subject) for call configuration.

Per the credit union:  We defined by how long a call takes since our current phone system cannot track this for us .  The timeframes are just a general guide for staff.  We aren’t expecting anyone to actually watch the clock but just use the Simple, Moderate, Complex codes within reason.


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