Participation Loan Delinquency Analysis

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Participation Loan Delinquency Analysis Report



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #578: Particip. Loan Delinquency Analysis Rpt.

Helpful Resources

Visit Show Me the Steps for easy instructions on using Automated Reports to create, change, and delete report settings.

Screen Overview

This report identifies delinquent participation loans by investor. The investor owned portion of delinquent balance is listed in the appropriate day range. It is modeled after the Loan Delinquency Analysis which lists the CU owned portion of the delinquency.

This report can be run anytime that you want to review the delinquency position of your participation loans. The report will page break by investor.

How Do I Save/Retrieve My Report Settings?

For more details on setting up this feature, refer to the Automating Reports and Queries booklet, available on the CU*BASE Reference page. 

This report can be used with the “Report Scheduler,” a time-saving automation feature that allows you to select and save the filters you use to run several commonly used reports and then set these reports to be run automatically by our operations staff on the first of the month.  Or you can save the settings and run them manually by yourself at any time.

o save your report settings, first select your filters, including printer (can be a physical printer or the HOLDxx or MONTHxx OUTQs).  Then select Save Settings (F24).  On the next screen name your settings (we recommend adding your name!), and designate whether you wish to run this manually or if you wish for operations to run the report.  At a later time, use Retrieve Settings (F23) to populate the screen with the settings you have saved.  You can also edit your settings using Retrieve Settings (F23).  All saved settings can be viewed on the Report Automation: Standard Reports screen.

Report Sample

  3/09/13  11:34:50                                           ABC CREDIT UNION                        LPLDEQ             PAGE

     RUN ON   3/13/13                             PARTICIPATION LOAN DELINQUENCY ANALYSIS                            USER







         ACCOUNT                               DELINQUENCY BALANCE IN DAYS      DAYS   LAST            LAST     PLI

         NUMBER                            60 TO 179   180 TO 364   364 & OVER   DLQ   PAY DATE     PAY AMT      %


          11111-790                         97074.67                              98   12/14/12      680.66   100.00

          12222-795                         99985.47                             159    9/05/12      811.51   100.00

          22222-795                        135239.92                              67    1/25/13     1112.10   100.00

          33333-795                        160012.71                              67   12/03/12      889.72   100.00

         444444-780                         48631.52                             159    9/01/12         .21   100.00


  * PARTICIPATION LOANS --                 540944.29*         .00*         .00*

     # OF LOANS DELINQUENT --                      5*           0*           0*




                                                           ***END OF REPORT***


For complete details on the PL system, including configuring the necessary codes, creating participation loan records, processing investor settlement and using various reports, refer to the appropriate booklet.


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