Printing the Delinquency Analysis Report

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Loan Delinquency Analysis Report



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This screen is accessed by selecting Tool #461: Loan Delinquency Analysis Report

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Visit Show Me the Steps for easy instructions on using Automated Reports to create, change, and delete report settings.

Delinquency and Fine Calculation Methods Used by CU*BASE

Why do my totals on the Loan Delinquency Analysis Report no longer match the Loan Delinquency Report?

Why does CU*BASE show delinquency in two different ways? In some places it is months/days and others it is actual number of days?

This report can be run with additional selection features via the Loan Information Report screen. The selectors are on this screen.

To view this information on a dashboard instead of a report with more selection and more flexible selection criteria, use the Loan Risk Score Analysis dashboard, which has a similar entry screen. This dashboard includes a trending analysis where you can view then month's data across the screen.

Automating Reports and Queries booklet

Analytics Booth: Power Line

Use the Power Line (F23) button to launch an immediate trend line graph in Analytics Booth to help you better understand your data. Not a subscriber? Learn more in the CU*Answers Store.

Check out this video: Analytics Booth at a Glance (Board Members: More Analytics Booth Videos Below!)

Screen Overview

This screen is used to produce a report listing all loan accounts which have been delinquent for 2 months or more. There is also an option to include accounts with the delinquency term of 1-2 months.

Unlike the Collections Delinquency Report, which is grouped using your credit union's configured categories, accounts on this report will be grouped according to the number of months delinquent. This report is ideal for reporting delinquency status to a Board or auditor.

How Do I Save/Retrieve My Report Settings?

This report can be used with the “Report Scheduler,” a time-saving automation feature that allows you to select and save the filters you use to run several commonly used reports and then set these reports to be run automatically by our operations staff on the first of the month.  Or you can save the settings and run them manually by yourself at any time.

To save your report settings, first select your filters, including printer (can be a physical printer or the HOLDxx or MONTHxx OUTQs).  Then select Save Settings (F24).  On the next screen name your settings (we recommend adding your name!), and designate whether you wish to run this manually or if you wish for operations to run the report.  At a later time, use Retrieve Settings (F24) to populate the screen with the settings you have saved.  You can also edit your settings using Retrieve Settings (F23).  All saved settings can be viewed on the Report Automation: Standard Reports screen.  

Use this report:

Practical uses of this report:

Analyze your approved delinquent loans by risk score. Are they high, low or otherwise? Is any specific loan officer approving and booking higher or lower risk scores? Is there a trend at the branch level for loans and their performance? Track and understand your delinquent loans and the impact.

SEE ALSO: Printing the Method B Delinquency Report

The following groups are used (these are not configurable):

When ready, use Enter to produce the report and return to the Home Page.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Corporate ID

Enter your credit union's corporation number (usually 01).

Process date

Enter the month and year for which data should be shown.  Normally three previous months are available.  To run a report using month-end data prior to the months held online, contact a Client Services Representative.  (There is a charge if this service is requested.)

Loan product types

Choose one of the following to indicate which accounts should be included on the report. Leave the field blank to include all loans.

All To include all loans

All Open CCs (C) – To include only online credit cards

Loans (L) - To include only closed-end loan types.

Open Credit (O) - To include only line-of-credit loans.

Business unit

(Optional)  To include only accounts with a specific business unit codes on the report, use the Select button to reveal a screen to select one or more loan security codes. SEE ALSO:  Filter and selection directions.  When you return to the screen, the count of the items selected with appear next to the button. Learn more about Business Units.

Branch #

(Optional)  To include only accounts with a specific branch numbers on the report, use the Select button to reveal a screen to select one or more loan security codes. SEE ALSO:  Filter and selection directions.  When you return to the screen, the count of the items selected with appear next to the button.

Loan officer ID

(Optional)  To include only accounts with a specific loan officer IDs on the report, use the Select button to reveal a screen to select one or more loan security codes. SEE ALSO:  Filter and selection directions.  When you return to the screen, the count of the items selected with appear next to the button.

Report Format

Choose one of the following:

Risk Score (R) - This format is used to analyze delinquent loans by Risk score. This format is similar to the Payment format except it does not show loan payment amount and due date, but rather lists the Risk score as recorded on the loan account record. The value of this format is that you can quickly analyze the relationship between account delinquency and the score used when the initial underwriting decision was made.

Payment (P) - This format shows basic loan payment information such as interest due, payment due date and payment amount.

Sort by

Choose either Member Name (N) or Account Base (A) to define how the report should be sorted.

Include participation loan investor detail report

If your credit union uses the CU*BASE Participation Lending tools to track investor positions in your loan portfolio, choose Yes here to break out participation loans into a separate report.  This report (LDQAN4) shows the CU owned and investor owned portion of the delinquency for each participation loan along with the total delinquent balance.  

  • Note:  If the participation loan is less than 100% owned by the investor, then it will also appear in a separate section of the Delinquent Loan Analysis (LDQAN2) titled CU-OWNED PORTION OF PARTICIPATION LOANS.  Only the CU owned portion of the loan delinquency amount is shown.  For example, if the delinquent loan balance is $1,000 and the participation % is 90%, then the delinquent balance is $100 (CU owns 10%).  

Include 30-59 day Call Report term

Choose to include 30--59 day delinquency term data in the results of the report. This information has been included in both the Detail and the Summary Report. This may be helpful when filling out your 5300 Call Report.


Select between printing the both the Detail and Summary Reports or just the Summary Report. (View samples below.)

Include written off loans

Check this box to include written-off loans in the results. Leave this unchecked if you wish to exclude written-off loans in the results.

Export to file

Use “Export report to file” go to a screen where you can choose to create a file that lets you use Member Connect to communicate instantly with these members via email and online banking messages, set up a marketing outreach via mailing labels and selective statement inserts, and track the responses via a telemarketing Tracker. This file will contain account base only. Or choose to export more data to use with CU*BASE Report Builder.

Report Sample (Detail)

  3/09/19  13:29:30                                         ABC CREDIT UNION                           LDQAN2           PAGE

     RUN ON   3/13/19                                  DELINQUENT LOAN ANALYSIS                                      USER

                                                         ALL LOAN/OPEN CREDIT   

                                         ** DETAIL




                                               DELINQUENCY BALANCE IN DAYS          INTEREST DAYS     LAST       LAST    SCHEDULE  LO

 MEMBER NAME         ACCOUNT #              60 TO 179  180 TO 364  365 & OVER            DUE DLQ  PMT DATE    PMT AMT    PAYMENT PC-DV

 AMEMBER, LINDA      33333-610                8584.19                                  82.68  71  1/07/13     325.00     298.88 02-40

 BMEMBER, FREDERICK  44444-645                1050.00                                 107.56  84  0/00/00        .00      98.71 65-40

 CMEMBER, TYRONE L   11111-605                5108.84                                  10.32  92  2/07/13     400.00     619.78 01-40

 DMEMBER, TIFFANY S  45555-693                            1039.41                     152.40 186  1/08/13     200.00      32.00 24-40



Report Sample (Summary)


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