Loan Risk Score Analysis Dashboard (Selection Screen)

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Loan Risk Score Analysis


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #473: Loan Risk Score Analysis.

Practical uses of this report: 

This is very similar to the Loan Risk Score Analysis report, but allows you to select your delinquency status (day ranges).  With it, you can compare two month's data side by side on an online dashboard.  The real power of this dashboard, however, is the third screen where you can trend data across ten months, even for a specific credit score or other piece of data.

This dashboard is a must for anyone who currently uses risk based pricing. Just like the Loan Risk Score Analysis, use this dashboard to see if your risk matches your reimbursement or if you need to adjust your credit score ranges.  Use it to compare the performance of your risk based pricing with your loan performance. See if your risk matches your reimbursement. Do you need to adjust your credit score ranges or adjust your variance (the amount you add to the base rate for any risk score range)?

Comparison Dates for the Trending Analysis

This dashboard includes a trending analysis where you can view the month's data across the screen.  On this entry screen enter the months for the trending in the "Comparison Dates" fields.

Using the Filters

On this screen you can define up to 8 risk score ranges, to group the loans within each aging category according to the risk score on the loan account record.  You can also filter for delinquent loan accounts down into the delinquency aging categories you define.


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