Loan Risk Score Analysis (Compare)

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Loan Risk Score Analysis


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Access this screen by clicking on a Trend button on the dashboard view.

Create full-color PDFs of the data and charts on the screen – PDF Exports

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Dashboard Tips – Questions to Ask When Comparing a Dashboard with Another Dashboard or Report


This dashboard includes VAT (Visual Analytic Tools) that allow you to show the data on this screen in a more meaningful way using a chart or graph.  These charts and graphs are available in the PDF export feature. View the VAT by clicking the tabs on this screen.  You will be able to toggle your chart to show different representations of the data by clicking "Toggle Chart Type."


This screen shows trending data based for the months and selection criteria entered on the initial screen.  Use this to trend data across a specific piece of information, such as current balance.  If you have selected to trend on a specific column on the previous screen, this screen will trend data based on that column.  The heading at the top of the screen will indicate what you are trending by.


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