ACH On-Demand Posting

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ACH On-Demand Posting


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Access this screen by selecting a pending ACH credit transaction and Post now on the previous screen.

This screen allows you to post a pending credit ACH transaction when the feature is activated.  Learn more here.

NOTE:  The feature is only available for credit ACH transactions and if the member already has the money to cover the fee in their accounts.  The fee amount cannot be taken from the deposit.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Depositor ID

The depositor ID.  (From the original ACH item)

Company ID

The company ID.   (From the original ACH item)


The effective date of the transaction.   (From the original ACH item)

Tran Code

The transaction code assigned to the transaction.  (From the original ACH item)

ACH member name

The primary owner of the account to which the transaction is associated.  (From the original ACH item)


The amount of the ACH transaction. (From the original ACH item)

Fee amount

The amount of the fee configured in the ACH On-Demand configuration.

Post fee to

(Defaults to the base share 000 account).  The lookup allows you to select another sub account to pay the fee if the base share does not have the funds to cover the fee or if the member wishes to use another account to cover the fee,

Waive fee

This box can be checked if manually waiving the fee is allowed in the ACH On-Demand configuration.  Allows the employee to waive the fee.

Optional secondary transaction description (for fee)

(Optional) Allows the employee to enter a secondary transaction description.  Follow credit union policies and procedures.