ACH On-Demand Posting Configuration

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ACH On-Demand Posting Configuration




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Access this screen by selecting ACH On-Demand Posting Services on the Online Banking Configuration Options screen and using Enter.

About this Feature

Do you have members requesting to post their paycheck to their account a day early? Use this on-demand one-time posting that must be requested by an individual member, each time they wish to receive their deposit early.


Use this screen to turn on the feature, set the fee amount and associated G/L, and indicate whether the fee can be waived at posting.  Refer the field descriptions below.

How the Feature Works in Phone Operator

Once activated, your employee can post your member’s pending deposit by selecting the GO! button above the ACH column in Phone Operator and then selecting the pending transaction.  On the ACH Warehouse Inquiry screen simply select the deposit on the screen and Post now. (Post now is only available for deposits.)  This will take you to a second screen where you can post the transaction.

Caveats and More Details

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Fee amount

The fee the member is charged when the pending ACH deposit is posted.  

  • The fee can be configured for a zero dollar amount.

  • NOTE:  The fee amount cannot be taken from the deposit. The member must already have the funds to cover the fee in an account

  • This fee currently applies only when posting via Phone Operator. A future enhancement will allow you to activate this feature and fee for members via online and mobile web banking.

  • The fee can be waived by the employee who is posting the deposit if allowed.  (See "Allow fee to be manually waived" below.

Fee transaction description

Enter the text that will appear on the member's statement when the fee is posted.

Fee income G/L

Enter the G/L to which the fee will be posted.

Allow fee to be manually waived

Check this box if you want to allow the employee posting the pending ACH deposit to waive the fee.



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