Printing the ACH Suspense File Exception Report

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ACH Suspense File Edit Process



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #672: Print PACHSU-Suspense Report.

This screen is used to print the ACH Suspense File Exception report (PACHSU).

This report is one of the daily ACH reports automatically generated (if you are an online client) prior to posting when the file is checked against the master ACH records, showing a “preview” of any exception items in the file, including account number errors or insufficient funds. Items will be sorted in order by Effective Date, and grouped by Company ID and Company Name.

You can also print the report on demand using Tool #1875, to assist in working daily exceptions. The report will only invalid account numbers, not NSF accounts, making this an excellent report to use when verifying that all exceptions have been taken care of.

When ready, use Enter to generate the report.

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