ACH Posting Controls

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Maintain ACH Run Parameters


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #113: ACH Posting Controls Config.

This screen is used to determine when warehoused ACH transactions are posted.  

When are the ACH debits and credits posted?

For each ACH ‘Run’ at CU*Answers (which consists of retrieving ACH files from the Federal Reserve Bank, moving the transactions into your CU’s warehouse, and posting items with today’s effective date), you may choose to post credits, debits, both, or none, When setting your ACH configuration, please be aware of same-day regulations from the Federal Reserve Bank. Refer to NACHA guidelines for specifics.

If you make changes to this screen use Accept (F5) to save your changes.  CARE SHOULD BE TAKEN BEFORE MAKING CHANGES TO WHEN DEBITS AND CREDIT ARE POSTED.  Learn more:  Posting Debits and Credits – Important Considerations.

Posting items early using the Early Post Feature

If you want to use the Early Post/Effective Date Override for Specific Company IDs feature to post transactions early (when they arrive in the warehouse), check Allow early post/effective date override for specific Company IDs.   You will also have to indicate on the specific company ID on this screen that you wish to use this feature (for this single company ID) by checking the Post incoming transactions early/effective override box.



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