Posting Debits and Credits – Important Considerations

Timings of Postings

This posting timing is configured on the ACH Posting Controls screen. 

Credits and debits must both be selected

If you process ACH transactions the ACH Posting Controls screen requires that you post at minimum credits once a day and debits once a day.  Otherwise you will be presented with an error and cannot save the settings on the screen. Note that additional considerations must be weighted in meeting ACH regulatory requirements. Refer to NACHA guidelines for specifics.

Same-Day Debits and Credits

You must configure your same-day credits and debits to post the same-day that they are received.  Refer to NACHA Guidelines for specifics.

Debits in the morning

If your credit union chooses to add debits in the morning post, this is what could increase the number of exceptions as you will not have time to maintain any invalid account numbers, etc.  If you use this method, for example, you will need to make an account adjustment feature if the member is NSF.




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