Loan App Activity by Underwriting Code

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Loan App Activity by Underwriting Code



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Access this screen by selecting "Counts by UW Code" (F20) from the Loan Queue screen or Loan App Activity Tracking screen.

This screen includes XL panel sizing! View this screen in standard, large or extra large sizing. (This documents the standard size screen.  Slight differences may apply to the larger sizes.) Learn more here.

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Screen Overview

This screen shows all Underwriting Codes attached to pending loan applications as well as booked and denied loans. The top six underwriting codes on pending applications are displayed in the Key Activity Tracking area on the Loan Queue screen. This screen makes it easier for your lending managers to track the entire loan application process by Underwriting Code and make sure the established process is working smoothly. Use the Application date range to narrow or widen your review of UW activity. Select your new date range and press Enter to refresh the screen.

The screen provides the options to view not only UW codes on pending loan applications, but also booked and denied loans. You can even view stats for all loan applications to get a summary by UW code. Select the tabs to choose the loan applications to review.

You can also get a quick snapshot of your UW code activity via the summary box in the top right corner of the screen. This box will provide a quick look at the number of applications with or without an underwriting code and then a total count of pending/booked/denied/all loan applications depending on the tab you're currently viewing. This is a quick and easy way to see whether your lending team is using Underwriting Codes the way you designed.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Code Description

The Underwriting Code and corresponding code description. For example, "AA APPROVED"


The type is used primarily for credit unions who have turned on Underwriting Control in their master system parameters, to require appropriate underwriting codes be entered before a loan can be created or denied, or for credit unions who want to control changes after underwriter review.


See the Configuring Underwriting Codes for more information.


This shows the number of applications with both the same UW code and the same booked/denied/application date. For example, although there may be 10 pending loan applications with an AA APPROVED code, they will be segmented further by their application date.

In the All tab, UW Codes are summarized and will provide a total count for each UW code for all booked, denied, and pending loan applications.

Booked/Denied/Appl Date

Conditional based on the current tab. The All tab will not display dates, instead summarizing codes for all booked, denied, and pending loan applications within the application date range selected.



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