Payroll Group Maintenance - General Information

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Payroll Group Maintenance General Information


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Access this screen by entering the Payroll Group ID number to be created or maintained and using Enter to proceed on the first payroll screen.  

A view-only version of this screen can be found here.  Access this screen by using Search (F12) on the entry payroll group screen.  Proceed to enter the Payroll Group ID number that has already been created.

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Helpful Resources

Learn how to add a payroll group.

Screen Overview

This second screen records basic contact information about the Payroll Group, including company name and address. Complete all fields as described below and use Enter to proceed to the third screen.

Field Descriptions

Field Name



Enter a descriptive name to identify the payroll group. This is generally the company name, but can also be used to describe which payroll is involved, for companies which produce more than one payroll, such as “ABC COMPANY HOURLY” or “COUNTY SCHOOLS SALARIED MONTHLY,” etc.

  • NOTE:  Do not use any special characters such as commas, periods, or apostrophes.


This field is used when searching for a Payroll Group using the Payroll Inquiry screens. Enter the description that will most commonly be used when searching for the group. For example, “THE ABC COMPANY” could be entered as “ABC COMPANY” here.

  • If this field is left blank, the system will fill in the first 15 characters of the Description.

Company Name

Enter the full company name.

Address 1 
Address 2
Zip/Postal Cd

Enter the company address information. This will be used primarily for inquiry purposes, and can be handy for anyone on the system to look up information about a payroll company.

Contact Name
Contact Phone

Enter a contact name and phone number to use if questions arise regarding a payroll.


Use these lines to enter any comments about the company, how the payroll should be handled, timing of payrolls, etc. These comments will appear on the payroll posting and balancing screens, so they are a good place for instructions to operators handling payroll processing.

Govt Payroll

Check this checkbox if the employer is a government entity. On government payrolls, the base deposit account must be a share or share draft account. Otherwise, choose No.

Payroll Group Locked

Check this checkbox to manually lock this payroll group. When group is locked, the system will not allow a work file to be created or the payroll to be posted. Therefore, you could use this field as a safeguard against inadvertent posting when necessary. Otherwise, leave this field blank or choose No.

  • When a payroll group is posted, the system locks the group and places a “Y” in this field. When the system finishes posting, it changes the field back to “N.” This ensures you cannot create or modify a work file while it is being posted.




Delete (F4)

Use this to delete the entire Payroll Group record. There will be one confirmation message.

  • IMPORTANT: This will not delete any distribution records. Make sure to delete the individual distribution records first before deleting the payroll group.

Suspend (F16)

Use this to suspend the base deposit and/or distribution payroll records for the members of this Group.

  • This suspend is different from the F16-Suspend found on the Processing Information screen. With this feature, only the individual base and/or distribution records are marked as suspended. The Group itself is still active, which means a work file can still be created and new base and distribution accounts can still be added to the Group. If you wish to disable the Group so that a work file cannot be created, use the suspend feature on the Processing Information screen instead.

IMPORTANT: If this was used to suspend base or distribution records, you must return to this screen and use F16 again to reactivate those records.

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