Configuring Laser Certificate Forms

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Certificate Form Configuration


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Access this screen by selecting Adjust Headings (F15) on the CD form maintenance screen.

These screens are used to create customized forms to be printed whenever a certificate account is created. Designed for laser printing only, these forms provide a professional, high quality look to your certificate forms, and allow your credit union to customize and modify the form text at any time.

This screen is used to make minor adjustments to the placement of the CD Title, credit union name, and credit union address information at the top of the printed form.

The “X” position represents the left edge of each line of text, and the “Y” position represents the top edge of each line, relative to the edge of the paper.  To adjust the headings to a different position, try entering a different number in the “X” or “Y” position.  This is at best a trial and error process, so don’t be afraid to experiment! 

When done, use Enter to record all changes and return to the previous screen.  You will see a notation, “Record has been updated” referring to the heading changes.  Be sure to also use Enter again once you return to the previous maintenance screen so that any changes made to the free-form text are also saved.


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