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Check Processing Summary Stats


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #205: Check Processing Daily Statistics or via Detail by Day (F9) on the Check Processing Statistics Summary Dashboard.

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Learn how to view check processing statistics.

Screen Overview

This screen lists all transmission batches of checks/drafts which have been posted to member accounts, sorted in descending order by month and day.

If the received and posted totals do not match, the transmission is still waiting to be posted (remember that checks are posted at the end of the day), or a problem has occurred in posting so the two are out of balance.

To see additional information about a transmission or delete an old record, select the item in the list and use Enter or Select to proceed to the detail screen.

Field Descriptions

Field Name



This Processor Code identifies the Item Processor which performed the transmission. (Some credit unions may receive check files from more than one check processing vendor, especially during a transition period from one vendor to another.)


The date the transmission was received by your Item Processor.

Received Total Amount

These two columns show the total amount on the incoming transmission, and the user ID of the person who received the transmission from your Item Processor.

Posted Total Amount


These two columns show the amount that was actually posted to member accounts from that transmission, and the user ID of the person who posted the original transmission (will not change when a re-post is done).

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