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Configure Loan App Delivery Channels


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Access this screen by selecting Tool 462: Loan Delivery Channel Configuration.

For details, refer to the booklet, Online Credit Bureau Access and 247 Lender: Configuring 247 Lender and the Approval Matrix.

This is the first of several screens used to configure default settings used by loan delivery channels. In this context, a Delivery Channel is simply a source of loan applications funneled from any source into the CU*BASE loan application database.

Select a delivery channel and Change or View to move to the detail screen.

Following are the sources currently in place; more will be added over time:


This channel represents loan applications entered directly into CU*BASE using the loan processing features in CU*BASE.

  • NOTE: There are no configuration options for this channel; it is listed here for information only.

DT  Dealertrack

This channel is our first link to a third-party source of loan applications through the “XML Lending Gateway.” If your credit union has been set up to use this channel, you may access various configuration screens here that will allow you to define which CU*BASE loan products correspond to incoming Dealertrack loan applications, including free-form text for stipulations to be communicated back to an automotive dealer via the Dealertrack software.

  • Contact a client service representative for assistance planning for and setting up an integration with Dealertrack.

HB  Online Banking

This channel represents loan requests that come to CU*BASE from an online banking loan application.


Currently this configuration is used primarily to set default settings used by online banking loan applications. Select the HB channel and use Enter or click the Change option to proceed to the second screen.



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