Fraud Incident Maintenance (Update)

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Fraud Incident Maintenance (Update)


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #1715 Fraud Incident Maintenance and selecting to Add (F6) or Change a fraud incident.

An Introduction to the Fraud Incident Database

This tool is designed to enter incidents of fraud experienced by your credit union or your members. You may be keeping track of these in a spreadsheet, or another software product, or maybe spread across member comments and tracker conversations; now is the time to gather your data and enter them into the fraud database! This tool is a centralized place for our network to log fraud incidents for the first step in a process to shift focus from compliance monitoring to fraud prevention. While this tool in its current iteration does not have the capabilities to prevent fraud, other than through careful internal monitoring of trends perhaps, we encourage your credit union to take advantage of the data processing power contained in CU*BASE by utilizing this tool. Our focus is to move forward and make the most of our environment to build new tools and business that can help reduce and mitigate the effects of fraud for credit unions in our network.

To read more about the future of CU*Answers fraud related projects for the 2019-2020 business years, visit the CU*Answers Kitchen.  


Screen Overview

Use this screen to enter fraud incidents for your credit union. After entering all applicable information, select the Add (F5) to save the incident.

IMPORTANT: We recommend developing internal policies and procedures surrounding fraud incident maintenance, fraud status types, and fraud incident types.


Field Descriptions



Incident #

The incident number. The number may be higher than the actual number of incidents if you accessed this screen but did not save the fraud incident.

Account #, SSN/TIN, Account type, Member type, Branch

Use the spyglass lookup on either field to access the Global Search to find the correct member or non-member to attach to this fraud incident. CU*BASE will fill in the additional information. These fields are required.

Date of Fraud

Enter the date of the fraud incident. This date should follow your internal policies and procedures. This field is required.


Use the spyglass to view and select a configured fraud type for this incident. This field is required.


Use the spyglass to view and select a configured fraud status for this incident. This field is required.


Enter a short description of the fraud incident. This field is required.

Fraud against


   Credit Union


Use the radio button to select who the fraud occurred against. This field is required.

Location of Fraud (Optional Fields)

Address (City, State, ZIP)

Enter the address of the fraud, if applicable.

Police report filed/Affidavit received/Bond claim

Select these boxes if any apply to your fraud incident. If additional information is needed regarding these items, use Add Notes (F8) to enter more details.

Merchant/Recipient and Merchant classification

Use these fields to enter more information about the merchant involved in the fraud incident, if applicable.

IP address

If the incident is internet fraud related, enter any applicable IP address here.

Fraud amount

Enter the amount of the fraud.

Provisional credit

Enter any credit given to the member as provisional credit during the fraud process.

Recovery amount

Enter any amount recovered by your credit union following the fraud.






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