View/Work Budget Figures by Month

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Adjust GL Account by Month

or Budget Group Change by Month

or GL Account Change by Month

or Branch Account Change/Month


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This screen appears after using “Edit” on the Budget Dashboard screen (after drilling down to a specific G/L and branch).  It will also appear as view-only after using “View by Month” on any Budget Dashboard screen (by Budget Group, or by G/L for all branches, or for a single G/L and branch).

For complete step-by-step instructions on how to change budget figures for a single G/L or a single month, refer to the Budgeting with CU*BASE booklet. 

This screen has two main uses:

IMPORTANT:  Whether entering individual monthly figures or allocating an annual figure across all months, always remember to enter a “-” (minus) sign at the end of the number if working with a credit-balance G/L (such as an income G/L).  Like this:  

Adjusting Budget Figures

  1. Enter figures for each individual month
    (Remember to include the “-” (minus) sign for a credit-balance G/L)


  1. Use Allocate to enter an annual total and divide it evenly across all months
    (Remember to include the “-” (minus) sign for a credit-balance G/L)

  2. Using Enter as needed to recalculate totals and review your work (nothing is saved until you are ready)

  3. When changes are complete, use Save (F5) to save all changes

  4. Use Next GL or Next Location if you wish to edit another G/L, or use  to return to the Budget Dashboard

  5. When done, use  to exit 

TIP: At any time you can use the Notes button to jot down notes about the changes you are making. These are saved with the budget (there is just one set of notes per G/L type, so as you work on additional G/Ls, you’ll simply append your new notes to the bottom of any existing ones).  For more details about Budget Notes and their use in the Budget Archive, refer to the Budgeting with CU*BASE booklet. 




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