Budget Dashboard

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Budget Dashboard


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This screen appears after choosing filters and using Continue on the initial View/Print Budget Analysis screen.

The primary purpose of the Budget Dashboard is to help you keep track of the progress of your budgeting calculations. Although similar to the Variance Dashboard, the Budget Dashboard is intended primarily to verify the numbers on your budget spreadsheet. 

Budget Drill-Down Illustration

It is helpful to familiarize yourself with how this same Budget Dashboard screen can show your budget figures at three different “levels” or groupings.  You can view figures aggregated by Budget Group, or drill down and look at all of the G/Ls within that Budget Group (branches combined), or drill down to the final level showing individual branches for a single G/L.  It is at that bottom level where you can also edit your monthly budget figures manually if you wish (see *NOTE below). 


Working with Items on the Dashboard

Drill to Account
Drill to Branch

These appear on the upper levels of the dashboard, and allow you to select a budget group or a G/L account and drill down to a more granular level.  You must drill down to the final level that lists your branches in order to use the Edit feature.


Once you’ve drilled to the lowest level that lists your branches, use this to adjust individual monthly figures for that branch G/L. 

View by Month

Use this to view month-by-month budget figures for any Budget Group, G/L account, or branch G/L. 

  • Use this at the top dashboard level after selecting a single Budget Group, and you’ll see a quick snapshot of the monthly amounts for all G/Ls in that budget group. 

  • Use this at the second dashboard level after selecting a single G/L account, and you’ll see a quick snapshot of the monthly amounts for all branches under that G/L.

  • Use this at the final branch level after selecting a single branch, and you’ll see the individual budget figures that actually make up the CU*BASE budget “spreadsheet” at its most granular level. 






Filters (F9)

Use this to view or change the filters that control what records are displayed on the dashboard, including the budget year.

  • TIP:  For the most part the filters are only needed if your budget is really large and difficult to navigate as a whole, and you want to narrow down the focus.  Because of the ability to drill in to more detailed levels, you can usually get to the specific number or set of numbers you need even without the filters.

Summary (F10)

Use this to view a summary window showing the number of accounts, percent budgeted, and total budget amount by G/L type.

  • IMPORTANT:  Remember that this summary will reflect all filters currently in effect as well as the dashboard level you are currently viewing.  In other words, it won’t necessarily include your entire budget!

Print (F14)

Use this on any dashboard screen to print a report showing the same data you are currently viewing. (There is no confirmation window; the report prints directly to your default report printer.)

Toggle Budget/Actual (F20)

Use this to switch the contents of the second column between showing actual and budget figures for the year designated as Comparison period on the initial filters screen.



Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#UGLBGT4-02.htm