Adding a New ACH Master Record

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Add New ACH Master Record


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This window appears when you click the "Add Company/Depositor" (F6) on the initial ACH Distribution Maintenance screen.

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Screen Overview

This window is used to manually add a new ACH record into the master distribution file. Although used very rarely, it is designed to allow you to record known distributions prior to the first time the transaction is received.

For example, say a new member wants to tell the credit union how he would like his payroll distributions to be handled before his first paycheck is even received. Instead of recording it in some sort of Tracker, you could create a new ACH master record with all of the requested distributions. If the incoming record matches exactly, it will post as instructed, but even if it does not, the distributions can easily be replicated on the final actual record so that they do not have to be re-keyed.

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Enter all fields EXACTLY as they will appear on the incoming ACH item, including all spaces, dashes, etc. Use Add (F5) to create the record and proceed to the ACH Distribution Maintenance detail screen and enter distribution details.

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