Working with ACH Members and Companies

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ACH Distribution Maintenance


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #989: Work With ACH Members/Companies (Shortcut: achdist) (maintenance) or Tool #112: ACH Member Inquiry (inquiry).

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Helpful Resources

Learn how to complete tasks related to ACH distributions/records.

What cautions should I take when adding distribution records for a member who has more than one deposit coming in from the same institution but for different household members, for example social security deposits?

For Social Security Administration (SSA) ACH items refer to this AnswerBook item and associated AnswerBook items: I see that all ACH Company IDs associated with the Social Security Administration (SSA) are now converted to a “Primary ID.” When did the change happen and where can I find the incoming Company ID I use to make a return or NOC?

Understanding ACH - Overview and Terminology

Screen Overview

This is the first of several screens used to view or maintain Master ACH Distribution records for your members.

There are two ways to locate ACH records on this screen:

Selection Criteria

Sort/Search for ACH Company

Use the fields on the left side of the screen to enter specific criteria and proceed directly to the second ACH Distribution Maintenance screen.

For example, if you need to update a member's ACH distributions, simply enter his CU*BASE account number to display all records under that account.


  • The Company ID, Depositor ID or ACH member name must be entered exactly as they appear on the ACH record, including spaces or punctuation.

  •  If you want to access a membership you used recently, click the lookup next to the Account base field. The Your Most Recent Accounts Accessed pop-up window will appear.

Use the fields on the right side of screen to scroll the list at the bottom of the screen to help locate a certain ACH company.

For example, this would be helpful to see all company names under the ID for a local payroll processing company.


  • Enter a Company ID to scroll the list to the first record that matches, with remaining company records listed in numeric order.

  • Use the Company name field to enter any text string in the company name and the list will display all companies with that text in the name. For example, ABC will find ABC COMPANY as well as THE ABC COMPANY. (Be patient; the company name search can take a few moments as all company records are scanned.)


If you select an item in the list, the following options are also available:

Action Codes

Field Name


Update Company

Use this option to display a window where you can choose whether or not to post distributions for a particular company (by Company ID and company name). This should be used only in special situations where distributions are not desired, such as a special bonus payroll.

Distribution Maint

Use this option to proceed to the second ACH Distribution Maintenance screen and work with distribution records for the selected company.


Use this option to proceed to the second ACH Distribution Maintenance screen and view distribution records for the selected company, without making any changes.

Copy/Merge Dist

Use this option to copy all of the Distribution records from one Company into another. This is designed specifically for situations where a company begins transmitting using a different company ID, and member distributions are no longer made properly.


Finally, use the Add Company/Depositor button to manually create a complete ACH distribution record, including company ID and depositor information, in situations where you wish to record an ACH record before it even comes in for the first time. (Used rarely.)

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