Configuring Loan Collateral Agent Codes (1)

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Insurance Agent Maintenance



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #222: Collateral Insurance Agent Configuration.

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Helpful Resources

Learn how to create a collateral insurance agent.

Screen Overview

This is the first of two screens used to set up Collateral Insurance Agent Codes. These codes are used when setting up a collateral record for a loan, to specify the insurance company which insures the collateral property (such as the fire and hazard insurance carrier for a member with a mortgage loan).

Use the function keys to the left to sort by agent ID, agent name, or company. Use Print List (F13) to print a list of agents alphabetically by Agent ID.

To create an insurance agent code, enter any unused five-character numeric or alphanumeric code and use Enter to proceed to the second screen.

To modify an existing code, either enter the code manually in the field at the top of the screen, or select the item in the list and use Enter or click Change (or double-click on the item) to proceed to the second screen.

To view agent information without modifying it, select the item in the list and click Display.

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