Loan Category Configuration: Audio/Online/Mobile/Text Banking Controls

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Audio/Online/Mobile/Text Settings


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This window appears after using "Audio/Online Banking" (F23) on the loan category configuration general information screen.

Make your changes to this screen. When done, use Save (F5) to return to the previous screen.

Text Banking Transfers

To turn on the text banking global configuration, use Tool #569 Online/Mobile/Text Banking VMS Config and select to activate mobile text banking. When accessing the ARU configuration for the individual loan category here, select whether to allow disbursements or payments to/from this type of account. Text transfer functionality is not available for any 360 Mortgage loan categories. Text transfer disbursements are not available for Closed End loans or Credit Card loans. For more information, see the Mobile Text Banking booklet.

Allow Disbursements via Audio/Online/Mobile

This section of the screen is used to control if and how members can disburse funds from a loan with this category code via It's Me 247 online banking, mobile banking, or CU*TALK audio response. (NOTE: Amounts should be entered as whole dollars.)  If the "Allow Payments via audio/online/mobile" is unchecked, or if a minimum/maximum disbursement amount is specified, when members attempt to disburse funds they will receive an appropriate message, such as:

“The transfer amount is less than the minimum transfer amount required”

“The amount entered is higher than the maximum amount allowed”

“The transfer from account is restricted from withdrawals.”

Allow Payments via Audio/Online/Mobile

In this section you can also control whether or not a member can make a payment via online banking, audio response or mobile banking, including whether to allow payment on delinquent loans. This might be appropriate for certain types of loans where you require a member to make payments via auto-transfer or other method.



Allow disbursements (checked)

Members can always make payments online.

(Allow disbursements)Unchecked

Members cannot make payments online. Members will not see the "Pay Now" button.

Only if loan is current – Block if delinquent

Available only for 360 interest calc mortgages only If this option is selected, members who are not delinquent can pay online. If their loan is delinquent, members would receive the following message if attempting to transfer funds to the loan account:

“Please contact the Credit Union for more information.”

Allow principal only payments if loan is current

Check this to allow members to make principal-only payments to their loans via It’s Me 247.  When the member makes a transfer in desktop or mobile banking, assuming their loan is not delinquent they will see a checkbox allowing them to apply the entire transfer amount directly to the loan’s principal.  Instructions also remind them that the loan’s next due date will not change. 

Make Loan Payments via Mobile App and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Members can use the Mobile App and make RDC payments directly to their loans.  To activate accounts of this loan category to appear in the list of accounts to which a member can make a deposit, check Allow payments via RDC. This box is unchecked by default.  



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