Configuring Electronic Deposit Hold Groups

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Electronic Deposit Hold Group


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Access this screen by selecting a group on the entry screen and using Select. A view only version of this screen can be accessed using Deposit Hold Settings (F14) on the Outside Checks screen.

Electronic Deposit Hold Groups are used to control the availability of funds from deposits made electronically through an ATM. They can also be used to configure holds on outside check deposits at the teller line and manage batch deposits made via Direct/Mail Post (such as for RDC deposit batches) and deposits made by the member using RDC-IQ.

Check out the video about remote check deposits.

This screen lets you specify how long holds should be, how much should be released to the member immediately and not held, and how the release date should be calculated, for any member who has been assigned this particular Electronic Deposit Hold Group code.

Code 01 is the default and is used for all ATM deposits unless a member has been assigned a different code.  When updating the settings for code 01 only the top “ATM Deposits” section will be visible. 

For detailed descriptions on each of these settings, refer to the Automated Deposit Holds booklet.

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