Outside Checks

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Outside Checks


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Access this screen by clicking on the "Outside Checks" button on the Teller Posting screen.

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Helpful Resources

Learn how to complete tasks related to outside checks and other teller transactions.

Recognizing a Fraudulent Check

Screen Overview

These fields are used for recording all incoming checks drawn on other banks or credit unions (except for checks drawn on your own credit union that you are clearing through the Inhouse Checks screen).

Outside Checks allows you to enter a total of 588 outside checks into CU*BASE (or 14 screens of 42 checks). To enter more checks, click on the blue arrow to view an additional screen (without having to click Save first! The checks on the first screen will not be erased.

If your credit union charges fees for deposited items, specifically for this account, the “# items” count will appear and automatically update as checks are entered on this screen. (Otherwise the “# of items” field does not appear.) This number is carried over to the Main Teller Posting screen.

If this screen is already populated with hold days in the Days column, this indicates that check holds have already been configured on the Electronic Hold Screen and the left side of the Automated Hold Configuration screen.

Tips on Using this Screen

Enter the check information. If the R&T column is visible enter the R&T of the check. Tab to enter the check amount and the Type (use this to indicate the sub account you are placing a hold on). If you change the Days at this time any additional configured holds other than the default will not appear on the screen (see Note below.)

Once you have completed entering your checks, press Enter to see if a different number of days has been configured on the left side of the Automated Hold Configuration screen. When more than one check hold is assigned to a check, the highest number will be used. You can make changes to this number of days if the Days field is not grayed out.

Outside Checks Imaging Integration with MVi (Millenial Vision Inc.)

If you are an MVi client, we can now “screen scrape” the list of scanned checks and place the individual check amounts onto this Outside Checks screen for you, so you don’t have to retype them!  The rest of the actual Check21 deposit process works exactly the same as it does now, but there are handy buttons in CU*BASE that help to walk the user through the steps.  This integration requires that the Teller check capture device attached box is checked in the attached workstation.  Contact a CSR for more details.

Field Descriptions

Field Name



(Displayed only if your CU is configured for check holds.) If configured, enter the R&T of the check.

Check Amount

Enter the amount of the check without the decimal point but include the two decimal digits. For example, a deposit in the amount of $25.50 would be entered as 2550.


(Displayed only if your CU is configured for check holds.) This field indicates the number of days a check should be held before funds are released to the member.

To calculate hold days in order to release funds on a specific date, use Date Calculator (F2).

  • IMPORTANT: Be sure to enter an appropriate account suffix in the Type field so that funds are held from the proper account.


If a check hold is being placed using the Days field, enter the account suffix where funds should be held. If no hold days were entered, it is not necessary to use this field.

Until the hold is released, these funds will be subtracted from the available balance of the designated account. You must enter a number in this field. At the minimum the suffix 000 will need to be entered.

Your credit union may have also activated a flag to verify check holds against deposits made in the Deposits/Withdrawals screen. If so, the system will warn you if no matching deposit is made into this account.


Button Name


Date Calculator (F2)

Select this option to view a calendar and a calculating tool to help you determine your hold days.

Clear Entries (F4)

Selecting this option will clear all entries on the screen.

Continue (F10)

Use this option when you are finished entering your checks. This option returns you to the Teller Posting screen where you can continue processing the members transaction.

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Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#TSBCHECK-02.htm