5300 Call Report Ratios Dashboard (1)

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5300 Call Report Ratios



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Access this screen by selecting Tool #1021: 5300 Call Report Ratios Dashboard

This screen is used to access the Call Report Ratios Dashboard.

The last seven periods of Call Reports that have been created will default for the Months to Compare.  This could include monthly Call Reports (i.e. 012017 for Jan. 2017) in addition to quarterly Call Reports(i.e. 032017 for March).  The periods can be changed to any month and year (MMYYYY) that you would like ratios to be calculated.    

Use Create Call Report (F11) to create a call report.  This takes you to the 5300 Call Report Data screen.

NCUA 5300 Call Report & CU*BASE Tools booklet



Link to ID: https://help.cubase.org/cubase/cubase.htm#UN53RAFM-01.htm