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Update Exceptions/Returns


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This screen appears when you select an item and use Maintenance on the first Update Exceptions/Returns screen. It will also appear after the Add screen when a new exception item is being added manually.

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Helpful Resources

Learn how to update a share draft exception.

Screen Overview

This screen is used to update specific information about an individual share draft exception item, including account number, amount, MICR line information, etc. This screen is used when new exception items are added manually, and also when an item has incorrect information which needs to be updated. For example, this screen could be used after research has been done to determine the correct member account number for checks not posted due to invalid or unknown account number.

For CU*Answers Item Processing clients, you can click a View Check button to view an image of the check, even if it is an exception due to an invalid account.  When you click the button a browser will appear allowing you to view an image of both the front and the back of the check. How does it work?  The infrastructure in place though your relationship with CU*Answers Item processing matches the MICR number and check number and presents the matching check in a window.

  1. First, make the necessary changes to the Status, Account #, or other field as needed (see below for field descriptions).  

  2. Use Enter to verify your entries. (For example, if you entered a new account number, this will display the member name and balance information for the account number you entered).

  3. Then use Update (F5) to update the item and continue.

  4. If additional items were selected on the previous screen, the next item selected will appear automatically. Otherwise you will be returned to the exceptions screen.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Trace #

Use this field to enter the correct trace number for the check/draft, as provided by your item processor.

Return code

Use this field to indicate a reason for the exception item:

Return Items

30 Suspect Duplicate *Important, refer to this screen for processing information.

31 Insufficient Funds

32 Uncollected Funds

33 Frozen Account

34 Payment Stopped

35 Invalid Account*

36 Closed Account

37 Invalid Encoding

38 Refer to Maker

Stop Payment

51 Add Stop Pay

Microfilm Request

60 Draft Request

  • IMPORTANT: Depending on your item processor, some of these codes may not be allowed. Be sure to check with your item processor for confirmation of accepted codes.

  •  *Special Note for Handling Invalid Account Numbers: Account numbers should be corrected and invalid status should not be maintained to allow the system to handle it as a first time posting. If, after repost, you want to choose a specific status code to force pay the draft, it can be maintained at that time for a second repost. If the fee code is maintained from a 35 manually, the fee posting may not occur as desired.


Enter the status of this return record to indicate how it should be handled upon re-post. Click here for complete list of available status codes.

Account #

The member account base and suffix to be debited with the check amount. This can be changed, if an item shows an invalid or unknown account number.

  • CU*TIP: If you update the account number to a valid one, it is not necessary to change the Return code from 35 (invalid). The system will automatically attempt to post this item upon re-post, and change the Status as needed (such as if it is then NSF).


The amount of the check/draft.  To edit this field, use F11-Unlock Fields.

Current balance

If a valid number appears in the Account # field, this will show the current balance in that account.

Available balance

If a valid number appears in the Account # field, this will show the available balance in that account.

  • This may be different than the current balance because of an account freeze, check holds (uncollected funds), or secured funds holds (such as an outstanding debit card authorization or pledged shares). Use F1-Acct Inquiry if you need to see more information about the status of the account.

Draft #

The check/draft number.

MICR account

The account number and check digit from the MICR line.

Process date

The date the transaction was processed on the system.

Transaction Date

The date the transaction actually occurred (usually the same as the Process Date).

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