Card Expiration Processing

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Card Expiration Processing


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Access this screen by selecting Tool #147: ATM/Dbt/Crdt: Card Expiration Processing.

This tool allows credit unions to update ATM, debit, and credit card expiration dates in a batch. The tool will list cards according to a range of expiration dates, allowing the user to verify which cards should actually be reissued. Credit unions can charge a fee for the reissue of these cards; fees can be set up for individual BINs but also have the capability to be waived per member.

Does your online card vendor require your credit union to send a file of reissued card orders? This new feature can do that as well. With a simple configuration change, credit unions can send maintenance to their vendors and update expiration dates at the same time.

Enter a date range (can be time in the past or future), and use Select to de-encrypt the cards so you can work them on the next screen.


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