Personal Internet Branch (PIB) Profile

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Configure PIB Profile


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This screen appears after pressing Enter on the initial PIB screen.  Access an inquiry-only version of the screen via PIB (F10) on the Online Banking Usage Inquiry window.

Get the member's perspective with this online banking video: Logging in to Online Banking for the First Time (no username, yes PIB) (More videos below!)

Helpful Resources

Learn more about PIB

Visit Show Me the Steps for easy instructions on how to use CU*BASE to complete tasks related to PIB.

Screen Overview

This screen is used to view or modify a member's Personal Internet Branch (PIB) Profile. This Profile controls how online banking will behave for this member, including additional security controls such as confirmation codes for certain types of transactions, and more.

From this screen you can also view a history of PIB-related messages sent to the member including security alerts as well as notifications of changes to the member's PIB Profile.

Press Enter to move to the final PIB screen, where you can save your changes.

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