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Online Banking Member


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This window appears when you click the Online Banking button on the Inquiry, Phone, or Verify Member screen.

Get the member's perspective with this online banking video: Online Banking Overview (More videos below!)

Helpful Resources

What is PIB?

What are Security Questions?

Screen Overview

This window provides information about a member's use of your credit union's online services, including:

You can also reset a member's online banking Security Questions from this screen using the Reset Questions (F11). (This button will appear only if the member has Security Questions set up.)

When done, use the back up arrow (F3) to return to the previous screen.

Field Descriptions

Field Name


Agreement accepted

This shows when the member last clicked “Accept” on the Online Use Agreement.  


If the member is enrolled for eStatements, this will show the date of the enrollment.

Text banking

If checked, the member is enrolled for text banking.

Bill payment

If the member is enrolled for online bill payment, this will show the date of the enrollment.

Joined via online banking

This will be checked if the member submitted a membership application through online banking and the membership was created using reason code 95 (“Online Banking”).


If checked, the member has subscribed to at least one e-Alert. This does not necessarily mean that the member is enrolled in e-Notices; the member just needs to be enrolled in any e-Alert for this checkbox to be checked. Use eAlerts (F9) to view or modify the e-Alert subscriptions (including enrolling the member in e-Notices) or to see the alerts/e-Notices already sent.


If checked, the member has a PIB Profile in place to control how online banking behaves for that member. Use PIB (F10) to view the Profile settings.

  • NOTE: The first screen that appears will show the member's email address, then you will proceed to the Profile screens.

Logons used

This shows the number of online banking logons made for both the current month and the previous month.

Free logons remaining

If your credit union charges a fee for online banking logons, this will calculate the number of free logons left for the current month.

SEE ALSO: Self Service Fee Configuration

Last logged in

The date on which the member last logged in to online banking.





Backup arrow (F3)

Returns to the member screen

eAlerts/eNotices (F9)

Moves to the screen listing the member’s e-Alert subscriptions and e-Notice enrollment. From this screen you can create additional e-Alerts for the member or enroll a member in e-Notices or change the member's e-Notice enrollment.

NOTE: If this is accessed via Inquiry, the update capability will not be available.

PIB Settings (F10)

Allows you to review the member's individual PIB settings.

Reset Questions (F11)

Allows you to move to a listing of the member's online banking questions. From this screen, you can reset the member’s security questions so that the member will need to set new answers to the questions. This option will only display if File maintenance privileges are selected in the Special Security section of the Employee Security tool.

Password History (F12)

Allows you to view a history of the members online banking, PIB and audio response password changes.

Reset Password (F13)

Allows you to move to a screen where you can enter a the member’s account number. Press Enter and you will move to the screen where you can reset the member’s password. This option will only display if File maintenance privileges are selected in the Special Security section of the Employee Security tool.

Display Usename (F20)

Displays the member’s online banking username, which can be used in place of the member’s account number when logging into online banking.

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