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This window is accessed after choosing an account on the Teller Processing account selection screen and prior to the main Teller Posting screen. This same window is used when verifying the identify for non-members for teller transactions.  (NOTE: If your credit union's Teller/Member Service Workflow Controls are set up not to display this window automatically, you can access it by using the Verify Member button on the main Teller Posting screen.)

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Screen Overview

This screen is used to verify personal information for the member including name, address, driver’s license number, birth date, and code word. Once you have confirmed the member’s identity, click the Verified Member button or press Enter to move to the main teller posting screen.

This window is also used to show Account Comment records pertaining to this member. These can be comments placed by automated CU*BASE systems, such as loan delinquency alerts or stop pay requests, or manual comments entered by a credit union employee regarding how this member's account should be handled.  

This window also allows you to access several other member service features to find out more about this member or to answer their questions, by clicking various buttons located throughout the screen.  See below for more details about these tools.


  • A happy birthday message will be displayed in red if today is the member’s birthday. Don't forget to wish your member a Happy Birthday!  

  • DECEASED will display in red by the member name information if a Date of Death exists on the member record.

  • If you see the member's last name highlighted in yellow, a long last name is on file to view. Select the spyglass images\magnifyingglasslookup_shg.gif to view a popup window with the member's full last name.

  • If you see the member's address, phone number or email is highlighted in yellow, this indicates that it has been marked as wrong.  

  • If you see ****** asterisks in place of some of the personal information on this screen, this is due to the fact that this screen is subject to Privacy Controls.

  • If you do not want this window to appear automatically, use the Auto display the pop-up window for ID verification and account comments feature in Teller and Member Workflow Controls (Tool #1005).

  • Currently Serving Other Owner: If you are using the Currently Serving feature to assist the member in front of you (that is not the primary member on the account) that person’s information will show in the yellow box to the right. All other details on the screen will be of the primary on the account.

Integration between CU*BASE and Your Imaging Solution

The “Scan e-Document” or "No ID on File" buttons will present ProDOC to scan a photo ID into your eDocuments archive.  The “View e-Document” or "Verify My ID" buttons also retrieve all archived photo IDs for the member (by Social Security number.)

  • This feature is not available if you are assisting a member of another credit union.

  • Remember: Only documents warranted by the CU*Spy online vault can be scanned into that vault.

  • Clients with in-house imaging solutions should contact Imaging Solutions for assistance configuring links for use with your vault.

  • Learn more about this feature, including troubleshooting tips.  

Gender Indicator

The silhouette of a person’s head will appear for an individual membership (a girl for a female gender and a boy for a male gender), while three heads will indicate that the account is marked as an organizational membership. If the field for gender contains an O, meaning unknown, a question mark will appear in the middle of a red silhouette.

SEE ALSO: Gender Indicator

Membership Designations and Related Procedures

The title at the top of the screen (such as “Individual” or “Trust” or “Sole Proprietorship,” etc.) is taken from the Membership Designation code on this account. The membership designation will also control what label appears in front of the member's name (such as “Name” or “Owner” or “Trustee,” etc.).

Click images\proceeduresclickfor_shg.gif to read your credit union's configured procedure tips for handling a membership of this kind.

Tiered Service Level

The Tiered Service Points badge in the upper right corner of the screen displays the member's current Tiered Service level. Click to display the Tiered Points Inquiry which gives a quick breakdown of the Tiered Service points awarded to the member, including a listing of possible points, points earned for this month, points earned for last month, points earned year to date, and lifetime points.

Running CLR Path Advisor While Working as a Teller

CLR Path (Consumer Lending on Reputation) is a free tool that lets you evaluate the strength of your relationship with a member based on data in CU*BASE (such as length of membership and number of delinquencies), giving you tools without the need to pull (or pay for) a credit score. Access CLR Path by clicking See Advice and Get Advice from the Decision Advice section. Learn more: CLR Path Decision Advisor booklet and Overview: CLR Path Decision Advisor

Buttons on the Contact Info Tab

Transaction Activity

Click the Transaction Activity button to use this feature. This tool gives a quick snapshot of this member's activity with the credit union, including a comparison of activity branch to the member's assigned asset branch, transaction activity calculated with CU-defined cost/weigh factors, and marketing pointers based on the member's transaction patterns. All of this information is designed to help you begin a conversation with this member that shows you know the member and his or her relationship with the credit union.

Secondary Names

Click the Secondary Names button to view joint owner, beneficiary, and loan additional signer names that are attached to this member's accounts. The Secondary Names Inquiry screen will appear. This will also allow you to view Photo IDs of members with scanned IDs. You can also record here whether an ID was collected for the person by checking the ID on File checkbox.

Cross Sales

Click the Cross Sales button to use this feature. This is the screens used to track cross-selling activities with members. Tasks can be grouped according to "Need Groups" to better organize tasks according to a member's situation and needs. Cross Sales allows you to view the status of the last time a member was offered a service or product, services or products currently promoted and allow you to create a record of your current conversation with the member.

Online Banking (Self-Service Products)

This button provides access to the Online Banking Usage inquiry window, which provides information about a member's use of your credit union's online services, including:

  • Online banking usage statistics and last logged in date.  Look for a Last Logged in date to determine the last time (or if) the member has logged into online banking.

  • E-statement enrollment status

  • Bill pay enrollment status

  • eAlert/e-Notice subscriptions

  • PIB Profile

Accessing Custom Fields from the Member Data Tab

To access the member's custom fields, select the Member Data tab and the Custom Fields button to view the Custom Membership Information screen.


Buttons on the Products Tab

Household Stats

This screen displays all the members that are currently enrolled in a household. From this screen you may enroll a new member into the household, delete a current member, move a member to a different household, modify the database information on a specific member, or view statistics about the household as a whole. Click the Household Statistics button to use this feature.

  • NOTE: If the Household Statistics button does not appear on this screen, this may be due to Privacy Controls. If a user’s workstation is configured as “Call Center” or the user has accessed this screen by entering a Shared Branch ID (is configured as “Other Staff”), the user will not see the Household Statistics” button. Learn more: Privacy Controls.


If a member has follow-ups on Tracker conversations associated with his or her account and the Tracker Type is configured to show the Follow-Ups button, this button will appear on the Products tab. Click it to move to the Work with Follow-Ups screen so that you can update the Tracker conversation. This button will only be clickable if follow-ups exist for the member.

Check out this video: Working a Follow-Up





Sales Tools (F15)

Use this to display the Sales Tools pop-up window for access to various CU*BASE sales and marketing tools.

Tracker Review (F17)

Use this option to enter a tracker conversation for a member.

Membership Designation (F23)

Use this to read your credit union's configured procedure tips for handling a membership of this kind. The membership designation will also control what label appears in front of the member's name (such as “Name” or “Owner” or “Trustee,” etc.).

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