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Member Account Comment File Maintenance


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This screen appears when selecting "Leave message for other CU employees (Member Account Comments)" or "Leave message for member" via Audio & Online Banking on the entry Comments screen.'

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Screen Overview

This is the first of two screens used to add or update Member Comments or to send messages to an individual member in audio response or online banking.

You can use this screen to send messages that members will see in Online Banking or Audio Response.

Comments can also be set up so that they appear in the Member Account Comments window when using Inquiry, Phone Operator, or Teller Processing screens. This window can be configured to appear automatically when these screens are first accessed. (Contact a CU*BASE Client Service Representative if you would like to change this setting.)

Member Comments are a valuable way for credit union staff to communicate information about a member, including comments for front-line personnel dealing with the member in person and phone operators working with the member over the phone, or other instructions on handling the member's accounts.

  • For example, say the member requests that no phone transfers be allowed without special authorization, so that his children are not able to transfer funds without permission. A comment could be created instructing phone operators about the special authorization required.

In addition, comment type 1 can be used to freeze a member's account while creating a related comment. (IMPORTANT: Because freezes can be put in place for many different reasons, the freeze indicator will NOT be removed when the comment is purged.)

To create a comment, enter a Comment type (see below) and an unused sequential Line number. Use Enter to proceed to the second screen. To modify an existing comment, select the comment in the list and use Select to proceed.

  • Line number is used to indicate the order of the comments as they will be listed on inquiry screens. The list will be sorted first by Comment type, then by Line number. Therefore, the list could include Comment type 1, lines 001, 002 and 003, then Comment type 2, lines 001, 002, 003, etc.

  • Note: If a comment is a Type 1 comment, you can move the comment to new line, freeing up the line for a new comment. For example, if you have a Type 1 comment in Line 001 and wish to place a new comment in this location, you would simply select the Line 001 comment and change its Line # to 002, then add the new comment to the freed up Line 001.

Comment Types

The Comment Type code (also referred to as the comment origin) is used to separate different types of comments for sorting purposes and when performing Queries on the comments file. It also governs how certain comments behave. For example, only Comment Type 1 can be used to change the freeze status on an account, and Comment Type 7 can be used to deliver messages via Audio Response and Online Banking.  You must use a 7 and then select 99 type to send a personalized message to a member in their "It's Me 247" Message Center. The other canned responses are not supported in It's Me 247

Notice that comment types 2 through 6 and 8 are used primarily for system-generated events such as delinquency or dormancy. It is recommended that you use only types 1 and 7 for comments placed manually.






Can be entered manually for any general comments about this member. This comment type also allows for freezes to be placed on the member account at the same time as the comment is created or modified.

  • This comment type is also used when you place a stop pay order on a member's checking account.


Check Return

Used for system-generated comments regarding checks returned NSF.


Frozen Account

Used for system-generated comments when accounts are frozen via automated processes, such as loan delinquency freezes.



Used for system-generated comments as part of daily loan delinquency monitoring.


Uncollected Funds

Used for system-generated comments pertaining to check holds and uncollected funds.



Used for system-generated comments as part of daily dormancy monitoring.


Audio/Online Banking Messages

Can be used to leave special messages for members that will be delivered to a member to hear in audio response and view in online banking. Refer to the booklet: Leaving Messages for Members via Online Banking and Audio Response(NOTE: A PDF version of this booklet will open.)


OTB Message

Used for system-generated comments as part of OTB (Off Trial Balance) product processing.

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