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Tiered Points


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This window appears when you click on the Tiered Svc Points button for the member from the Main Inquiry, Phone Inquiry, or Teller Posting screen.

This tool gives you a quick breakdown of the Tiered Service points awarded to the member, including a listing of possible points, points earned for this month, points earned for last month, points earned year to date, and lifetime points.  The screen also lists the number of products and services used by the member during the current month and during the last month, as calculated per Tiered Services configuration.

The Possible Points column lists the total number of points available for this area. The number in this column shows the typical number of points a member might receive for each of the “Goal” Areas configured in the Tiered Services Points system. This is calculated by adding together all of the points configured under each Goal area.

  • The scores in the current and previous month columns govern the level of service the member is awarded (or was awarded) during the that month. This number is calculated at the beginning of the month based on the activity of the member in the month prior.

  • NOTE: If the credit union is using Household scoring for Tiered Services, this number will reflect the total points for the household, which may be different from the points awarded to this individual. All other figures reflect points awarded to the individual member.)

The “Total Points” row refers to the total number of points given to the combined Goal areas. This determines a member's Tiered Service Level.

  • Keep in mind that in some cases a member might actually receive more than the calculated “available” points if he or she has multiple accounts for which points are awarded. This inquiry just provides a starting point for the available score, and actual scores may vary widely depending on your account structure and how your point system is set up.

Click on the link under the Category column to see how the member is scored on the right to move to the screen for a breakdown of how this the member received points for this item during that month.

The Reward Points Summary (right side) lists the member’s total available Rewards Points, formally known as Lifetime Points, along with their schedule of expiration.





View Configuration (F9)

Access a view-only version of the Tiered Service configuration screens.

Redeem Points (F10)

Access the Reward Points Redemption catalog. Here you can “cash in” the member’s points for items offered in the catalog.

Adjust Points/Misc Maint (F11)

Use this to adjust a member’s Reward Points, either to add or to remove points.

Print Statement (F14)

Use this to print an on demand Rewards Statement for the member.

Rewards Points Inquiry (F21)

Use this to access a history Reward Point activity including additions, expirations, deletions and cashing in of rewards points.