Currently Serving - Assisting the Person in Front of You

What is Currently Serving?

Currently Serving is a teller processing feature that allows tellers to assist the individual currently in front of them at the teller line.  

Let's use John, the co-borrower on a loan, as an example.  To assist John, the teller uses a specific process code and then selects John from a list of people associated with the membership.  When the teller advances to the Verify Member screen window, it shows John's details, including his license number and whether there is a photo ID. Additionally, the Main Teller Posting screen clearly indicates that John is only a co-borrower on the loan. For every account except for the loan, the balance information is replaced by asterisks and the withdrawal fields are absent. The teller can still view loan-balance and payment information and make a payment, however, since John belongs to this account.

In addition to being available to tellers at the member credit union, these features are available to tellers performing Xtend shared branching transactions for John wherever he does his business at a credit union.

How do you activate Currently Serving?

Use the Teller/Member Service Workflow Controls, to change the default Process Code to "Funds in/serving another owner." This will make using Currently Serving the default at your credit union. This will change the default Proc Code presented on the Teller Processing screen.  

Then also on Teller/Member Service Workflow Controls optionally also check, “If serving joint owner, print joint owner name in place of primary member name on receipt” box. This will print the name of the person serviced on the receipt, instead of the primary member’s name, and the resulting balances of only those accounts on which they are joint. (If a person is neither primary nor joint and makes a deposit, such as a non-member making a deposit for his son, then the primary member’s name will print on the receipt; however, no resulting balance information will print.)  

How does It work?

To use the Currently Serving feature, the tellers select the "Funds in/serving another owner” process code on the initial Teller Processing screen. This selection sends them to the Choose an Owner window, which includes the member and all joint owners and additional signers associated with the membership. (Beneficiaries and Misc. Owners will not be displayed.)

Serving different people:

You can also exclude joint owners from appearing in the Choose an Owner window via their Membership Designation, which is displayed on this window.  To exclude accounts from appearing to be selected, check the Eliminate account access via Teller "Currently Serving" flag on the Membership Designation configuration.  IMPORTANT: Secondary Names linked as Beneficiary (type B) and Misc. Owner (type M) are excluded from the window automatically.

What is different with the Verify Member screen?

The Verify Member screen has a bar on the left-hand side that lists details of the person, including Social Security number, birth date and license number.  It also provides a buttons that links to the Photo ID.  This section shows details of the person being served when you use the Currently Serving feature.  If the person being served is the joint owner, then the information is highlighted with the words "Currently Serving" also above this text.  The photo ID button indicates if there is an ID on file for the person being served.  If person being served is not listed on the membership, then the primary member's information is shown.

What is different on the Main Teller Posting screen?

If you use Currently Serving and the person you are assisting is a joint owner or additional signer on the account, then on the Main Teller Posting screen a yellow bar will appear above the sub account listing indicating that you are serving a member other than the primary member:


If a person not on the account is assisted does not appear on the Choose an Owner window, the Main Teller Posting screen will indicate that as well:


Additionally the following changes will appear in the sub account area to indicate that the person is not joint or a co-borrower on certain accounts:

Special Notes on Currently Serving

Where can you find the name off who was served?


Link to ID: