Additional Transaction Information

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Additional Transaction Information


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This window appears when you select the Additional Transaction Information option on the Phone Operator transaction history screen.  

What is Business Date, Activity Date, and Activity Time?

This screen allows you to see more details about a specific transaction record, including secondary transaction description information as well as the assigned transaction sequence number. There are four description lines used at the top of the screen.  Different lines and descriptions are used for different transactions.  What is shown on this screen is conditional and determined by the transaction.

View Checks

If a check is associated with the transaction, you can click a View Check button to view an image of the check.  When you click the button a browser will appear allowing you to view an image of both the front and the back of the check. How does it work?  The infrastructure in place though your relationship with CU*Answers Item processing matches the MICR number and check number and presents the matching check in a window.  (Additional vendors are supported. Contact a Client Services Representative for more information.)

Transactions Causing an NSF Fee

A secondary transaction description in will appear in CU*BASE and It’s Me 247  that clearly specifies what the members’ available was before NSF or ANR processing on Share Draft, ACH or ATM/Debit transactions. (In other words, the balance that caused the fee or returned item to happen.)

The secondary description will include the available balance before the transaction was processed and a description of the type of transaction, i.e. “AVAIL BAL was $523.45 BEFORE ACH TRANS.” This secondary transaction description will appear on the fee (for a transaction using ANR funds or for an ATM/Debit NSF fee) or the reversal (for all other NSF items, since a fee is not always charged for all NSF items). We hope this assists you in your research and reduces the need for members to call for clarification!



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