Credit Card Transaction Inquiry

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Credit Card Transaction Inquiry


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This screen will appear when you choose the “History” action on the Phone Operator Account Processing screen for a credit card transaction (origin code 22), and then Additional Transaction Information.

What is Business Date, Activity Date, and Activity Time?

This screen allows you to see more details about a specific credit card transaction record, including secondary transaction description information.

  • NOTE: The secondary transaction description is broken into four separate fields on this window. This may include the Name, City/State, Reference, and Purchase Date.

  • NOTE:  For transactions of any other origin code, such as a checking account transactions, you will instead access this screen to show the Additional Transaction information.  The same four description lines that are used on both screens, but different details are shown.

  • The Person served line records the person who was assisted (if it was not the primary member).  This feature is only available if your credit union uses the Currently Serving feature. Learn more about "Currently Serving - Assisting the Person in Front of You.