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Xpress Teller is a teller processing platform to CU*BASE, designed to streamline and simplify the teller experience, offering an alternative that was built with today’s changing credit union lobbies in mind. Xpress Teller is not designed to be a replacement for Standard Teller. Credit unions can use Xpress Teller, Standard Teller, or both! Xpress Teller is accessed by a Tool 1600 Xpress Teller.  

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Screens Used in Xpress Teller

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Check out What is Included In Xpress Teller!

A Powerful Search

The Xpress Teller Search screen has a powerful and easy-to-use new search engine that gives tellers a single input field to enter any data about the member and look for that data across dozens of key data points, including driver’s license number, phone number, email address, and online banking username.

The Ability to Keep Marketing Campaigns and Promotions Top of Mind

Your credit union can upload your own marketing images for display on the Xpress Teller Search screen. Included are spaces for four graphics you can use for product promotions, service reminders, reminders about how to convey your members-are-owners message, and any fraud/security reminders you may have.

See the Photo ID on the Screen

You can display member photo IDs directly on the Xpress Teller Verify Identity screen.

Customize You Experience with Workflow Controls

The workflow controls for Xpress Teller gives your credit union unprecedented control over the available features and how the tool works for your tellers, allowing for a gradual adoption of Xpress Teller. Roll this out with a few head tellers, then keep it that way or move to using it by branch or credit union wide.

Xpress Teller Transaction Limits

Transaction limits can be placed on individual tellers to avoid fat fingering and for new tellers. Transaction limits must be added and are per teller. Learn more.

Additional Features

Check out these other exciting features!

  • A Single Xpress Teller Funds In screen. Cash, outside checking, in-house checks, and miscellaneous advances are all entered in one screen.

  • Make deposits/withdrawals on the  Xpress Teller Deposits/Withdrawals screen.

  • Easily access the Last Ten Transactions on an Account from a new look up next to the account.

  • Your teller drawer is automatically activated the first time you access Xpress Teller.

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Screens Used in Xpress Teller

Access Screens

Xpress Teller Activate Drawer

Xpress Teller Code Word

Xpress Teller Search screen

Xpress Teller Advanced Search screen

Xpress Teller Who are You Serving? screen

Xpress Teller ID Verify Identiy screen


Posting Screens

Xpress Teller Checks/Money Orders 1 screen

Xpress Teller Checks/Money Orders 2 screen

Xpress Teller Funds In screen

Xpress Teller Deposits/Withdrawals screen

Xrpress Teller Last Ten Transactions screen

Xpress Teller Miscellaneous Receipts screen


Workflow Controls Screens

Xpress Teller Workflow Controls Entry screen

  • Controls which branch's settings you are configuring.

Xpress Teller Workflow Controls Account Features screen

Xpress Teller Workflow Controls ID Verification configuration screen